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Taylor Swift
If you haven’t checked out Taylor Swift’s Dolce & Gabbana bag, there’s just one thing to know – that’s its one of her favorite things. When she isn’t cosying up to Ed Sheeran, knitting, baking or adopting new cats, her favorite thing to do is go out for a stroll with this tote. It’s relatively new and not many celebs carry it but there’s still something vintage chic about it. It could be that the shape is a direct throwback to retro styles!

Miley Cyrus Chanel Bag
It’s been a while since Miley Cyrus’s VMA snafu with Robin Thicke. Her hair’s still super short but her style certainly has evolved. Miley rose above her critics and continued to do her thing. Now she aims to look modern and edgy, not just shocking and provocative. That makes her latest red carpet look very different with a giant furry coat and a Chanel Plexiglass clutch in the shape of Chanel parfum bottles. Her beauty look is on point. The platinum blonde hair is set to be one of 2014’s biggest trends. Her makeup and fresh and dewy and the feminine pink lip color looks beautiful. The days of ridicule are over and Miley’s set to be a trendsetter once again.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery
One of the reasons Kim Kardashian became famous is unmentionable. The other reason not everyone realizes is because she is a beauty icon, especially for dark-haired women or women with a tan. For brunettes with brown eyes and a penchant for glamorous, dramatic looks, she was a breath of fresh air in the mid 2000s. In those days, almost all the famous celebs were white, skinny girls with blonde hair and makeup to match. Kim came bursting through the door with long, thick wavy hair. Her curls were to die for. Everyone lost it trying to copy them. Her eye makeup took Middle Eastern style mainstream and made the smokey look all the rage. Everyone knew which color lipgloss was her favorite – Nars Turkish Delight.

But now that she’s married, had a baby and has moved on from being a Beverly Hills girl to a Paris High Fashion girl, all of that is no more. Her makeup look is unremarkable. Her fashion style is so fancy it can’t be mimicked by girls in their teens or twenties. She’s just no longer accessible. And the worst part is she’s lost her easygoing smile due to botox. The chemical has caused her skin to get so stretched out that a smile is no longer possible and her upper lip area is unnaturally large as a result, changing the look of her entire face.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery

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Celine Croc Bag

At Baginc, we love seeing supermodels with designer handbags. It’s almost like a fun game to see if they can look just as convincing on the high street as they do in Vogue’s fashion spreads. If the real deal can’t pull off the look in real life, is it worth saving up to splurge for the look? Sometimes the answer is a solid yes, like when it’s Gisele or a perfectly made up Miranda Kerr. Cara Delvigne, not so much. She looks as sloppy as the rest of us humans. So how did Karolina Kurkova fare?

From the looks of her, its painfully obvious she is a celebrity or a model. With that figure, most girls wouldn’t want to be waiting behind her in line especially on a  bloated day. Hair and makeup – very underwhelming. Clothes – fantastic. It’s not easy to wear flattering clothes in the winter when all you want is to bundle up like a marshmallow! Bag – FANTASTIC! This crocodile leather Celine luggage tote is a surefire way to announce to the world that you’re really somethin’. She could have left the house in pajamas and still have looked like she’s a big deal. And that ladies and gents, is the importance of having an instantly recognizable It bag.


Vegan Beyonce
There are two kinds of people in the world – those who think Queen Bey can do no wrong and well…those who aren’t very into celebrity worship. Beyonce likes to go by the name Mrs. Carter on her pop diva tour, as a nod to hubby Jay-Z. Jay recently announced he’s trying to go vegan for a few weeks, so naturally B will be joining in on his endeavor. The music duo stopped by a hip L.A. vegan eatery this week but there’s just one hitch. Beyonce went wearing leather, fur and even a cow print leather jacket. For those out of the loop, besides being healthy, vegan living is supposed to be an alternative lifestyle that is merciful to animals. Nothing in your life can come from an animal product and that includes animal fur and hide. Oops. Better luck next time. 

Versace's signature flap handle bag


If you look at Lady Gaga’s recent outfit, it’s pretty clear that she did go to the same New York prep school as Paris Hilton. She looks like a cross between a Vegas dancer and an LA party girl, which is way more Paris Hilton style than it is Gaga. Last time we saw her, she looked Hollywood glam and the time before that, she looked very Gaga in a crazy theatrical headpiece. At least we’re not bored.

The lavender colored shoes and matching bag are both from Versace’s 2014 Spring/Summer line. The bag is called the Versace signature flap handle bag and it’s quite similar to the last bag the singer was spotted with, which was also Versace (the Medusa bag). Versace seems to be trying to join Hermes and Celine in producing large tote-like bags. Looks like they’re going to be successful because we can picture many fashionable women carrying this new style in the years to come. 


Oh, Lady Gaga. You never fail to amuse us. This time the crazy pop star’s questionable outfit choice is an homage to her late friend and designer Alexander McQueen. He was known for his jaw-dropping, over the top creations. The cool thing about McQueen’s creations is that they weren’t shocking for the sake of shock value – they were designed to be beautiful as well. Maybe that’s why Lady Gaga looks glamorous in spite of the nutty hat she’s got perched on her head. Because her bag is a well-crafted McQueen, she still looks uber stylish.

It looks like a patent leather tote and what makes it different is the unique honeycomb pattern. In fact, it’s called the Alexander McQueen Honeycomb Heroine Satchel. She sure does look like a heroine – one from a futuristic, dark comic book. 

One of the celebs who wowed everyone at Paris Fashion Week was Blake Lively head to toe in Gucci. Seated next to Vogue head Anna Wintour in the front row, Blake cemented her status as a fashion icon and fashion darling Since getting married, the blonde bombshell has taken a break from acting. However, you may be seeing a lot more of her soon because she’s planning on launching a lifestyle and fashion company a la Gwyneth Paltrow.

The sparkly clutch she’s holding is from the Gucci Resort 2014 collection. It’s called the Hologram clutch and its one of the inspirations for the countless sparkly holographic clutches that you can now find in high street stores like Top Shop and Zara. It’s also a favorite clutch for other celebs as well and soon we’ll be posting different ways they’ve been spotted styling it. 

Jessica Alba Chloe Alice tote bag

Jessica Alba doesn’t actively pursue the limelight. Never having been known as a hard partier, she married quite young and soon had two children. Now know more for being a celebrity mother than anything else, her sex icon and blockbuster actress days seem to be behind her. Since she’s still got the glam factor and lives in Hollywood, the press she gets is sufficient to keep her a style icon women can try to emulate. 

She was seen on numerous occasions toting this Celine bag. While Jess keeps her outfits casual most of the time, she does have a penchant for bags and is seen with all kinds of designer pieces. This Chloe Alice tote is one of those that are best when clutched or held in the crook of the arm. As seen from the small size of the handles, this isn’t the kind of bag one can simply hang over the shoulder and relax. It demands high maintenance but from the looks of it, it’s worth it.  


Minka Kelly is one of those Hollywood girls who are naturally so beautiful that they don’t go over the top with all the latest fashions just to stay relevant in gossip rags. Her handbag choice for this day out in sunny L.A. is the classic Proenza Schouler PS1 Satchel in citrusy leather.

Ever seen an orange that is so fresh that when you rip off the skin, it glows with citrus oil? This bag has that fresh pop of orange citrus color with a healthy sheen. Made to last, this iconic and all at once recognizable satchel is made with leather which is dyed with organic leather. The color wear over time gives each bag a unique look. The golden hardware goes perfectly with the rich color of this bag.



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