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Kristen Stewart has been showing up to the final Twilight Films’s premieres looking better than she has ever before. The surprising thing about Hollywood’s most bankable leading lady is that she hardly has any interest in accessories or clothes. Most of the time, she looks so unhappy on the red carpet it’s as though she’s been forced to attend on gunpoint. She wears trainers instead of heels no matter how beautiful her gown is. This is of of the very few bags she’s ever been spotted carrying in public. Normally she just carries a backback.

This is a very unique post because normally we just talk about the handbags and purses celebrities are carrying. This post is about which handbag we’d love to style with a famous celebrity’s outfit, especially when that star is stunning but doesn’t have a sense of accessorizing for herself. Kristen’s gowns and outfits for interviews, photoshoots and movie premieres are often stunning. The Balenciaga jacket she wears in the topmost picture she also paired with a beautiful flowing golden gown to another event.

This bag would look amazing with Kristen’s jacket. It’s the Chanel Surpique Chevron bag, which just recently became available for this fall. The unique diagonal Chevron pattern of this bag complements Kristen’s leather jacket and her smoldering, sexy look. The luxurious lambskin leather and the puffy look of the leather make it an item that stands out from many other classic flap bags. The gold CC touch and metallics make it perfect as a re-usable item in her wardrobe as she wears shimmery, gold numbers often on the red carpet. How would you style Kristen in a way that didn’t class with her rebellious, too-cool-to-care look?



We’ve become tired of seeing the Kardashian Klan stepping out holding the same bags over and over again. Always a Chanel flap bag, a Celine Phantom or a Birkin. For once, Khloe was spotted with a bag we haven’t seen many celebs holding as of yet. 

Whether she’s trying to distract reality show viewers from news of her baby drama, hubby/divorce drama or weight issues, Khloe is still the most liked member of her family. Her appearance doesn’t induce as much vitriol from the public as the rest of her family does (people hate on Kim, Scott, Kris and even Kourtney a lot more.)

It’s nice to see Khloe adopt a little more individuality in her sense of style. This bag is made of signature lambskin and has the classic CC closure along with a removable long chain strap.  Kourtney seems to be holding the medium sized bag, which can also be bought in small.  The rectangular shape is not the type to become saggy as other bags do. The clutch has enhanced versatility due to the chain around detail. The shape is perfect for those who want something bigger than a clutch but not so big that it becomes a burden to carry, like a large flap bag or tote. 

January Jones is known for her icy demeanor both on and off screen. Her role of Betty Draper on AMC’s highly rated Mad Men had us wondering if that’s anything at all like her in real life. This was confirmed to an extent when the child actor who plays her son revealed he has no closeness or warmth with the actress. Then a pregnant January split with long-time boyfriend Jason Sudiekis. When paparazzi hounded him outside of a restaurant about the relationship, his shellshocked face indicated that he’d just been informed about the pregnancy by the media and not by January himself. 

While it’s safe to say that January is one of Hollywood’s very intimidating ice queens (she even slammed Ashton Kutcher in an interview once), we do love her fashion style. The lady looks drop dead gorgeous and ethereal on every red carpet. That’s when she’s often seen smiling. She rarely cracks a smile in candid photos but that’s probably because she knows she’s been followed by paps everywhere.

Inside, she’s probably giddy because she’s the proud owner of a very enviable wardrobe. This bag is the Chanel Beige Shiva Tote bag from the pre-fall Bombay collection. The colonial India inspired runway show was absolutely incredible, beautiful fashion. The eastern spin on the clothes didn’t quite change the classic look of the bags, however, and this one is a testament to that. What makes it stand out from the older Chanel collections is not only the large tote shape rather than the flap bag size, but the heavy, intense chains. Only Chanel under Karl Lagerfeld can make chains look rustic, mysterious and beautifully glamorous instead of gothic and dark. Like it as much as we do? It even makes her drab outfit look more tasteful.  

Diane Kruger is famous for a few things: 

1. Her movie roles, in which she usually plays a female character of legendary beauty. In Troy, she plays Helen, a woman whose beauty fueled passions and led to an epic war. In Wicker Park, a gorgeous Josh Hartnett falls head over heels in love with her just after seeing her face on a home video. We get it, Hollywood. Diane Kruger is a pretty face. 

2. Her relationship with Dawson’s Creek and Fringe TV star Joshua Jackson. She’s the girl who snagged Pacey. 

3. Her many red carpet appearances in Hollywood, Cannes and all over the glamorous places on Earth. The girl knows how to rock a gown. Not only that, she is famous for her street style as well. 

We often see Diane carrying trendy purses. This time she’s been spotted carrying this unique and quirky Chanel Flap Bag. You’d expect all Chanel flap bags to be classic, almost conservative looking but this one stands out because there aren’t many others like it. It has black squares randomly thrown in with striped black and white squares. The purse came out in 2011 but since it’s a limited edition, it won’t become one of those “last season passe” items. It’ll always have value because of its uniqueness. 

 Lady Gaga’s Louis Vuitton ‘North South’ Sunshine Express bag is making us drool with envy. When was the last time you saw a Louis bag that looked this spectacularly flashy and glamorous at the same time? The star often makes some questionable fashion choices with meat dresses, arriving in eggs and forgetting to wear pants. But this bag is so glam that it makes you not even realize she’s wearing a simple oversized T-shirt. She looks like someone worthy of being at Paris fashion week because that’s what this bag is – pure Parisian class. 

Available in burgundy, purple and yellow, the bag is adorned with sequins that spell out the LV monogram – don’t worry, the LVs are all still there and as cute as ever, only much shinier. It has a matching leather lining for a luxe look even as you’re fishing through it for lost lipstick. 


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