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Jessica Alba has great style. Some stars have to go on publicity tours all around the world just to remind us they exist in time for the release of their latest movie. Jessica can never lie low even when she tries. With her gorgeous face, her adorable babies and her great sense of style, photos of her are always in demand. 

Here she wears cropped pants with different tops – a flowery tunic, a t-shirt and even mixed up with a blazer. Even as she goes from casual flip flops to trendy neon sandals, the one thing that stays the same is the white shoulder bag. 

For some, the designer may sound new but has been doing really well in Hollywood. The Gerard sac Bandouliere Harper bag has hit the mainstream thanks to one of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

We are in love with Charlize Theron’s entire outfit in these pictures. The Oscar winning actress may have had a stylist helping her out behind the scenes as she promoted her last flick in Paris, but that doesn’t detract from how great she looks. 

The leather pants look flawless on her model-like legs and the understated black top and scarf are well complemented by the soft pink blazer. It’s a balanced combo of fierce and feminine. 

The thing that completes her look is the black clutch, which is a part of the Gucci Cruise 2012 collection, aka the “Emily” bag. It comes in other colors as well but black is the most versatile you can get. Charlize looks like a true movie star, as always. 

Jimmy Choo Isn’t Just For Shoes – Blake Lively Carries Hot New Bag

How lucky is the cast of Gossip Girl? Other than Little J, who was condemned to being the “poor girl from Brooklyn turned grubby rebel outcast”, everyone always gets to wear the latest trends way ahead of everyone else. So ahead that during the time they’re filming, us mere mortals aren’t even aware of the trends Blair and Serena are creating for us!

This Jimmy Choo Lara bag is the perfect type of printed hobo bag to carry to school or work. Blake’s dark trench and worried look gives hint that the directors were shooting some heavy scenes for the show in New York. The Jimmy Choo handbag adds a touch of elegance to the look and the printed scarf prevents the outfit from being too mournful.

A point to note is that the protruding black part of the bag is just an optical illusion! The black top appears as though it’s part of the bag but is in fact a Marc Jacobs laptop sleeve. However, don’t be disappointed – this just goes to show how much you can stuff in this multi purpose bag. You can use it while traveling and still look as stylish as Blake does. 

Just don’t forget to make your tresses as va-va-voom as hers to complete the look.


Jessica Alba Shows Us How It’s Done With Yellow Purse

This spring, brightly colored handbags are one of the top five must have trends. Out with the conservative, school-marm style stuffy handbags and in with freshly colored handbags. What better way to inject color into your spring wardrobe?

This yellow bag is from Kate Spade’s Spring Summer 2012 collection and has a quirky name to match its look – the Chambers Street Carlyle bag.

Jessica was seen toting it to the Brad Goreski book launch in New York. It’s a good thing she went for this canary color. Otherwise her leather boots and dark hued outfit would have made her look displaced from a gloomy winter afternoon.

If you’re into Jessica’s style, be sure to try this leather shoulder bag look in tons of fun colors!


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