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Gwyneth doesn’t look like a superstar in these pics taken of her at LAX, but she was and still is one of Hollywood’s A listers. She was once the girl who nearly married Brad Pitt. She comes from a Hollywood family, has a string of critically acclaimed and blockbuster hits. British women recently polled to choosing her over all others as inspiration at the plastic surgeons’ office. 

With her star power, she doesn’t have much left to prove. She knows WE know she’s got it all. So that leaves no need to tote around branded luggage. Here she is, low key as ever, carrying a bag which isn’t flashy but sure is hard to get your hands on. It’s an elite first piece from the studio of Hedi Slimane, Yves Saint Laurent’s new head designer. 
While it remains to be seen where the fashion house will go under his direction, his first bag is a good indication. The no-frills, no flash, no logo style is on point with other big name fashion brands like Celine and Givenchy, which are also known for creating easily recognizable looks without the use of logos or Louis Vuitton style monograms. But would you pay thousands for this bag? 

We are in love with Charlize Theron’s entire outfit in these pictures. The Oscar winning actress may have had a stylist helping her out behind the scenes as she promoted her last flick in Paris, but that doesn’t detract from how great she looks. 

The leather pants look flawless on her model-like legs and the understated black top and scarf are well complemented by the soft pink blazer. It’s a balanced combo of fierce and feminine. 

The thing that completes her look is the black clutch, which is a part of the Gucci Cruise 2012 collection, aka the “Emily” bag. It comes in other colors as well but black is the most versatile you can get. Charlize looks like a true movie star, as always. 

Pretty girl and brilliant Hollywood actress Mila Kunis was spotted jet setting through LAX lately with a Chanel Mademoiselle Maxi bag. After a brief stint as a Dior cover girl, the stunner is free of her contract and can now sport any label she chooses. So it’s no wonder she picked this sleek carry-all bag.

This Chanel handbag allows  even an A-list celeb to dress down in their oldest jeans and a bargain top from Old Navy and still manage to look chic. Carrying a style statement like this detracts from the rest of the outfit. It’s like saying “Hey, I didn’t need to make an effort to dress up head to toe. I still have style. See me rock this bag!”

Anyhoo, it’s all too clear that a girl like Mila doesn’t need to worry about reminding people she has style but it never hurts. It especially doesn’t hurt to carry a piece that looks good and still manages to carry all your airport things – hairbrush, face lotion for dealing with intensely dry airplane air, an iPad, maybe even a small dog! What are you more jealous of – Mila’s current squeeze (Ashton Kutcher) or this stylish black Chanel bag?

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