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Olivia Palermo & Miss Dior Sapphire Blue Suede Clutch

Spotted with gorgeous boyfriend in tow at the Django Unchained premiere, Oliva Palermo reminded the world why she’s become such an instantly recognizable fashion icon. In addition to her lithe, petite as can be frame and Audrey Hepburn-like face, the girl pulls off glamorous looks without looking like she’s trying too hard. That’s a very fine balance when you’re also trying on adventurous coats like this one. 

The clutch in question is from the Miss Dior fall 2012 collection and it isn’t the first time Olivia has been spotted at a formal event with it. It has the quilted classic Dior look on bottom and a festive crystal embellishment on top. The clasp has a small but noticeable Dior logo. This is the perfect bag for an event like this. While it’s also available in black, the blue velvet look is far more striking. 


Oliva Palermo And Boyfriend


Here she is once again, Tamara Ecclestone, owner of just about every handbag in the universe. Born rich, the pretty girl was given access to her trust fund from an early age so all she has to do in life is enjoy her money. This is why whenever we see her, she’s either sitting on a billion dollar yacht, out shopping or wearing the things she was previously spotted buying. 

Owner of a legendary Birkin collection, she also has no shortage of Celine bags in her name. While the Kardashians also have plenty, they’re basic girls who go for basic colors. This however, is a tad different. Tamara’s the first to be spotted with this variation. It’s the Orange Python Phantom bag and it appeared for the first time this summer. Hot off the assembly line, the girl had to have it. 

kate moss duffle bag

Kate Moss was spotted with the new Saint Laurent 24 Duffle bag while out on a stroll with her husband (cute to see how close those two are!) Sometimes boho chic, sometimes upstreet, lately Kate can’t get enough of the latest designer bags. She’s sometimes spotted with them while they’re so hot off the runway that they aren’t even in stores yet, like in case of the Mulberry. If the world wasn’t envious enough of her riches, women all over must be drooling over her sway on design houses, who give her all their latest goods in the hopes of seeing her carrying them in public. 

Hedi Slimane is the new Creative Director for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house as of 2010. The first thing he did to announce his new job title was to remove the iconic “yves” in Yves Saint Laurent handbags and people were not happy. The Chyc bags are going to keep being sold with the logo but the other ones are missing the YSL gold. While flaunting the brand all over the bag isn’t appealing to everyone, there’s no harm in a little visible logo. This is one of his newest bags without the pretty YSL. The picture below is a reminder of what you’re missing. If you can, stock up on logo-ed bags while you can, before they run out forever. Without the old logo, there’s not much to tell this bag apart from a Mulberry or Prada tote.

Jessica Alba Chloe Alice tote bag

Jessica Alba doesn’t actively pursue the limelight. Never having been known as a hard partier, she married quite young and soon had two children. Now know more for being a celebrity mother than anything else, her sex icon and blockbuster actress days seem to be behind her. Since she’s still got the glam factor and lives in Hollywood, the press she gets is sufficient to keep her a style icon women can try to emulate. 

She was seen on numerous occasions toting this Celine bag. While Jess keeps her outfits casual most of the time, she does have a penchant for bags and is seen with all kinds of designer pieces. This Chloe Alice tote is one of those that are best when clutched or held in the crook of the arm. As seen from the small size of the handles, this isn’t the kind of bag one can simply hang over the shoulder and relax. It demands high maintenance but from the looks of it, it’s worth it.  

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain appeared out of nowhere in Hollywood a few years ago. Her first big year, she had seven major films out. This miraculous success story won her a place on every red carpet and a Golden Globe nomination. Her beauty, impeccable fashion sense and talent means she’ll be around for a while. So get used to seeing her! 

By now, paparazzi have  become aware of her star status and have begun providing us with photos of her street style. It appears that Jess is a fan of Proenza Schouler. Seen with the newest PS13 bag, the actress looked great. The blue bag hightlights her fiery red hair. The large carry all has a bigger strap than ever before, something which makes it more comfortable on the shoulder. This particular color is labeled The Peacock Blue.

84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Blake Lively Steps Out Looking Super Fresh

This spring, no one is schooling us better in the art of color blocking than Blake Lively. Sure, she’s probably had the help of a professional stylist or two, but she still looks amazing in this colorful outfit and eye catching clutch. It even looks as though it’s cozy and comforting to hold.

The bright blue bag the Gossip Girl star is clutching was designed by Emily Cho. The turqouise python double folded clutch perfectly complements the lime trench coat, from the Spring 2012 Reed Krakoff collection. The baby pink shoes add a softness to prevent the outfit from becoming a tad too loud and bold. 

Judging by the blonde beauty’s wide grin, she knows she looks great just as much as we do!


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