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Jessica Alba has great style. Some stars have to go on publicity tours all around the world just to remind us they exist in time for the release of their latest movie. Jessica can never lie low even when she tries. With her gorgeous face, her adorable babies and her great sense of style, photos of her are always in demand. 

Here she wears cropped pants with different tops – a flowery tunic, a t-shirt and even mixed up with a blazer. Even as she goes from casual flip flops to trendy neon sandals, the one thing that stays the same is the white shoulder bag. 

For some, the designer may sound new but has been doing really well in Hollywood. The Gerard sac Bandouliere Harper bag has hit the mainstream thanks to one of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

While spring and summer are the perfect time to wear light colors and feminine cuts, there’s something about fall that just asks for a more intense look. It’s also the season that layering clothes becomes necessary and chic again. When you’ve got to layer clothes and accessories  neutral colors, black, brown, and monotones work really well. 

It seems like Nicky Hilton knows what she’s doing as she carries her black Proenza Schouler PS11 bag on her shoulder. This bag can work well with most fall and winter outfits, whether it’s worn with a pea coat or a bright neon sweater. Her black studded boots are really stylish as well. 

Even though Nicky stays out of the limelight unlike her notorious sister Paris, her style and fashion taste is far superior, no? What do you guys think – does Nicky dress better or does Paris Hilton?

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