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For most of us the dream of owning a genuine, authentic Hermes Birkin bag is really just that, a dream. Some of us maybe lucky enough to gain a the coveted Hermes Birkin from a preloved bag site


It might be a 2009 bag but Ashley Greene has proven time and time again that she loves her Gucci Indy Bag and who can blame her look at how cute it is and the lovely tassels! While Ashley is best known for her role in Twilight many love her sense of style. She steps out casually often enough that she can be considered a bit of a casual gypsy. However if you ask this writer she always gets it right whether casual or not and her ability to use a bag seasons after it came out is proof.

Lupita Nyongo Miu Miu Croc Embossed Top Handle
Lupita Nyongo just won an Oscar for best supporting actress but it’s the gowns she’s worn in the last few months during awards season are what have really won her admiration from the fashion crowd. After all, the movie 12 Years  a Slave was very difficult to watch even for Oscar judges because of how graphic and grim it is. Most Americans haven’t even seen it yet either, so her fans like her based on her red carpet appearances and her stunning good looks. One thing Lupita is a total pro at doing is going for bold, solid colors and sticking to her choice. That means no accessories that detract from the main show. She was even invited to Miu Miu’s recent show and carried a Miu Miu Croc Embossed Top Handle Bag to the front row.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Split!
Miranda Kerr is a regular on Celebrity Bag Styles because of her huge collection of stunning designer bags. She’s also making her place in the world of fashion and beauty as a strong businesswoman. Together, Miranda and Orlando were one of fashion’s It couples. They were both beautiful and in love. So renowned for their style that their Hollywood home was famously burgled by delinquent teens who wanted to get their hands on Miranda’s clothes and Orlando’s accessories. They stole his Rolexes and landed themselves infamy after being immortalized in Sofia Coppola’s film based on real events “The Bling Ring.”

So it’s sad news today that this power couple has gone their separate ways. Fans have been speculating for months because they were so infrequently seen together. Miranda and Orlando would be seen separately with son Flynn so it seems they’ve been sharing custody for a while. They confirmed they split months ago but are still “family, not friends.”  

Robert Pattinson
It seems like Perez Hilton’s media empire is drawing its last breaths. The celeb blogger had been dealing with dwindling popularity for the last few years but now Hollywood’s biggest names are dishing out the fatal blows. Robert Pattinson just told the media for the second time that he wants to punch the guy who started calling him RPatz. He also happened to call Perez a fat slob. The funny thing is, Perez was famously punched in the face by the entourage of Black Eyed Peas singer Will.I.Am.

This sound bite comes just days after Perez’s former best friend Lady Gaga used Twitter to tell her fans how cruel Perez has been to her – going as far as to send her a picture of herself in a wheelchair captioned “Karma” with a gun photoshopped to her head. It seems that Perez is the most hated man in all of Hollywood. Now that celebs have their legions of fans also drawing claws at him, it won’t be long before he goes into hiding forever. Who will miss him?  

Robert Pattinson

Jessica Pare
Yesterday we blogged about the Chanel Cerf tote and how you carry it makes all the difference. Here’s another celeb who shows another way to rock it. Jessica Pare’s becoming widely known for her talent onscreen and her beauty on and well as off. It’s indisputable that she’s of of the top best-dressed actresses on any red carpet she attends so we were curious to see what her casual street style is.

It leaves nothing to be desired because she looks fantastic. It’s not easy to look glamorous when you’re traveling and trying to keep your hair and makeup fresh while your outfit is stylish yet comfy. Carrying a fab bag is one way to look stylish even if you’re going make-up free and with flats. She did just that with the Chanel Cerf tote in black.

Jessica Pare Style

We recently did a post on Kyle Richards, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sister to Paris and Nicky Hiton’s mom, the cool aunt loves to party with her nieces. The entire clan is known for their love of Chanel bags. As wealthy as they are, it’s not often that they’re spotted with anything else, even though there’s nothing they can’t afford. 

You can count on seeing any of them with a Chanel bag. Kyle likes to party with a silver Chanel flap bag but she’s often spotted with her Chanel Cerf in beige. When she’s out shopping or running errands with her younger kids, this is the bag you’re likely to spot her with. Lady Gaga has the same bag in black. It’s actually no less glam than a Birkin if you dress the part.


Lucy Hale Chanel CC Crown Tote Bag

Lucy Hale is one of Hollywood’s rising stars. Her wildly popular TV series Pretty Little Liars was in instant hit back in 2013 among pre-teens, teens and up. There are plenty of 20 and 30-somethings who are unashamed about their PLL addiction. The castmembers are all known for their good looks and ridiculously high street high school fashion. 

Outside of the small screen, Lucy has pretty great taste. It’s clear that she’s no 16 year old as the show would like you to believe. She’s a polished young 20-something, as is clear from her street style. We love her casual style and relaxed appearance at LAX airport. Her Chanel CC Cerf bag is super cute. Just the right size for an air travel carry on. Traveling luggage can get pretty drab and a good way to avoid that is to make sure it’s something Coco Chanel would approve of!

When Beyonce stepped out in this colorful ensemble, she simultaneously shocked and awed fans with how quickly she’s lost her baby weight. Mother to a beautiful baby girl, this pop diva has bounced back and is as gorgeous and fashion forward as ever. (Of course, it always helps to have all the world’s designers and stylists at your feet!)

Learn from the soulful crooner by daring to go bold with your color looks. Here Beyonce carries a demure black leather Alexander Wang purse and dons a Eugenia Kim hat. Opting for black accessories, including her round The Row sunglasses frees her up to go wild with prints and color. The fuscia Michael Kors top perfectly complements the fun print on her Etro floor length skirt.

Jessica Alba Shows Us How It’s Done With Yellow Purse

This spring, brightly colored handbags are one of the top five must have trends. Out with the conservative, school-marm style stuffy handbags and in with freshly colored handbags. What better way to inject color into your spring wardrobe?

This yellow bag is from Kate Spade’s Spring Summer 2012 collection and has a quirky name to match its look – the Chambers Street Carlyle bag.

Jessica was seen toting it to the Brad Goreski book launch in New York. It’s a good thing she went for this canary color. Otherwise her leather boots and dark hued outfit would have made her look displaced from a gloomy winter afternoon.

If you’re into Jessica’s style, be sure to try this leather shoulder bag look in tons of fun colors!


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