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Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift

As the whole world knows, the VMAs just came to pass and red carpet style is just one of the things making headlines. Selena Gomez looks pretty reserved except for the fact that it looks like her dress is falling off to reveal racy lingerie underneath. Taylor Swift was going for the Marilyn Monroe look, only if Marilyn had zero curves and a very visible ribcage. And Miley shocked the entire world not just with her garish jewel-encrusted pantsuit but with her outrageously trashy dance routine. Meanwhile, over in England, singers like Adele stun entire awards show audiences with the music itself. 


Anna Hathaway seems to be on a journey back to good health. After slimming down to scary emaciated levels, the Oscar winning actress seems to be a lot more relaxed and a lot less…hungry. She’s also gone back to her brunette roots after a brief stint as a blonde, which we loved. It was a look only she has been able to pull off, looking feminine inspite of the short length of her locks.

She’s carrying the Classic Duffle by controversial designer Hedi Slimane, who was hired to design for YSL and ended up scrapping the name and changing it to Saint Laurent, much to the dismay of the fashion world. Even though many miss the old logos, fashion giants like Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow are also fans of this duffle.


Jessica Alba carries both a McQueen bag and a flower arrangementJessica Alba and her style has been on our radar for a very long time. Not to say she isn’t talented, she did a spectacular job in The Fantastic 4 and Awake. Its just that she is so pretty and so much like us normal folk. She has kids, and she has a company for children and babies, making perfect products for parents to use when they’re raising our children.

Juggling her company, acting, and family life, Jessica Alba always looks so put together. Her busy life is why we think she chose the Alexander McQueen whipstiched shopper. It has a tremendous amount of space in it and is very durable. Its functional, yet stylish. It can go with any everyday outfit because of its neutral colors and design. Even Rachele Zoe chose this bag for her diaper bag when she had a baby.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Empreinte bag

Miranda Kerr was spotted with baby Flynn in tow and a Louis Vuitton Speedy Empriente bag on the other arm. Hmmm…we’re really starting to wonder why we haven’t seen husband/actor Orlando Bloom for a while. Wherever he is, his wife has been garnering a lot of attention as Victoria Secret’s top model these last couple of years. 

One of the reasons she’s so well known and liked now is because of her endlessly flawless street style. She has just the right number of bags without looking too trendy and knows how to match them with her outfits so they enhance the overall theme of her looks, like the time she paired Prada’s new bag with a fitted shift dress and took on the look of a Modern Men trophy wife. This particular bag is extremely luxurious with it’s soft leather and monogrammed Louis Vuitton outside. The brass hardware and long shoulder strap make it casually glamorous.

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