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Celine Croc Bag

At Baginc, we love seeing supermodels with designer handbags. It’s almost like a fun game to see if they can look just as convincing on the high street as they do in Vogue’s fashion spreads. If the real deal can’t pull off the look in real life, is it worth saving up to splurge for the look? Sometimes the answer is a solid yes, like when it’s Gisele or a perfectly made up Miranda Kerr. Cara Delvigne, not so much. She looks as sloppy as the rest of us humans. So how did Karolina Kurkova fare?

From the looks of her, its painfully obvious she is a celebrity or a model. With that figure, most girls wouldn’t want to be waiting behind her in line especially on a  bloated day. Hair and makeup – very underwhelming. Clothes – fantastic. It’s not easy to wear flattering clothes in the winter when all you want is to bundle up like a marshmallow! Bag – FANTASTIC! This crocodile leather Celine luggage tote is a surefire way to announce to the world that you’re really somethin’. She could have left the house in pajamas and still have looked like she’s a big deal. And that ladies and gents, is the importance of having an instantly recognizable It bag.


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