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Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian recently hit the news after a recent flight back home to LA after a beach excursion to Cancun with her Celine Phantom Tote. First of all, how lucky are millionaire reality stars? They get to live in perennially 70 degree Los Angeles while the rest of the country freaks out because of snow and generally terrible weather conditions. People are trapped in pharmacies and Home Depots while their toddlers are trapped in classrooms overnight. Meanwhile, lucky people in sunny California fly down to Mexico to enjoy even sunnier locales! Just a little ironic.

The reason the Valley Girl accented Kourtney hit the news was because of a tussle with a passenger on the flight who told her kids to “shut their mouth.” She retaliated by telling the passenger to shut their mouths instead. Keepin it klassy, this Kardashian. What would you have done if it were your child though?

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian was spotted at an LA Clippers game with mom Kris Jenner. The family used to be OBSESSED with Birkin bags by Hermes. Once on a trip to Paris, Kim Kardashian and mom Kris spent upwards of 100,000 DOLLARS on Birkin bags. All the same shape and design, just different colors. That’s just an example of how overboard this moneyed clan goes when they decide they like something. 

These days their obsession is Celine. It’s all about Celine. It’s the one brand you’ll see mom or any of the five sisters carrying. It’s the one brand they gifted each other the most on Christmas and uploaded a series of pics of on Instagram. And this particular Celine bag is one that Khloe has been spotted with before, which we’ve blogged about. The interesting thing about the bag is not the wings that fan out similar to the Phantom Celine but the color blocking. The suede blue goes really well with the black and brown and complements her outfit nicely. This is one obsession we really understand.  

December Code

Our friends over at Baginc have provided us a coupon code to share with our loyal readers! Use the code ILOVEBAGINC to save money on celebrity inspired bags this holiday season. These non-branded bags are no less than what you’ll see the world’s hottest celebs and fashionistas carrying on the streets. 

Speaking of, here are some pictures of Victoria’s Secret angel and wife of Kings of Leon rockstar Lily Aldridge. Pretty Lilly is carrying a Celine tote. If her leather leggings, black heels and bright yellow top weren’t hot enough, Lily added the gorgeous tote to take the look to supermodella levels. This is the Celine Black Croc Phantom Bag to be exact. |

Lily Aldridge 

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