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A while ago, we blogged about the new Chanel flap bags just when they were hot off the runway. The cool thing about the flap bag update is the heavy, rock n roll chain. Chain bags are in now more than ever and skinny chains just weren’t cutting it anymore. So it makes so much sense that Chanel upgraded the chains to a more impressive version. 

The metal work on these bags has become something of an accessory on itself. It’s like the jewelry on the bag and it looks very pretty when complementing an outfit. Don’t have time to throw on a necklace? Your Chanel handbag chain will look just as pretty draped across your shoulder. Jennifer doesn’t stop there though. Her chic hair, sleek outfit and adorable baby complete her flawless look. Yes, cute babies can also be fashion accessories. It’s like reminding the world you have great DNA. 

Kristen Stewart has been showing up to the final Twilight Films’s premieres looking better than she has ever before. The surprising thing about Hollywood’s most bankable leading lady is that she hardly has any interest in accessories or clothes. Most of the time, she looks so unhappy on the red carpet it’s as though she’s been forced to attend on gunpoint. She wears trainers instead of heels no matter how beautiful her gown is. This is of of the very few bags she’s ever been spotted carrying in public. Normally she just carries a backback.

This is a very unique post because normally we just talk about the handbags and purses celebrities are carrying. This post is about which handbag we’d love to style with a famous celebrity’s outfit, especially when that star is stunning but doesn’t have a sense of accessorizing for herself. Kristen’s gowns and outfits for interviews, photoshoots and movie premieres are often stunning. The Balenciaga jacket she wears in the topmost picture she also paired with a beautiful flowing golden gown to another event.

This bag would look amazing with Kristen’s jacket. It’s the Chanel Surpique Chevron bag, which just recently became available for this fall. The unique diagonal Chevron pattern of this bag complements Kristen’s leather jacket and her smoldering, sexy look. The luxurious lambskin leather and the puffy look of the leather make it an item that stands out from many other classic flap bags. The gold CC touch and metallics make it perfect as a re-usable item in her wardrobe as she wears shimmery, gold numbers often on the red carpet. How would you style Kristen in a way that didn’t class with her rebellious, too-cool-to-care look?



Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s new Kristen Stewart. Many women and girls are still obsessed with Twilight but there are just as many girls out there who love a fiercer, stronger heroine. Jennifer is also more adaptable than Kristen. Aside from action flicks for girls, she’s also done horror, drama, romance and comedy. She’s a flexible actress who’s very talented for her age and she’s also friendlier and more enthusiastic about her career in interviews. 

It’s no surprise that when she steps out, you don’t see any sourpuss frowns on her face. She also doesn’t look like she’s been forced to wear fancy clothes at gunpoint, like Stewart often does. Here Jennifer is dressed head to toe in a major fashion brand, Dior.  

The two handbags she’s carrying are both Dior, called the Miss Dior Flap Bag. Both are the same style but in different colors and hardware. The bag comes in small and medium sizes (no jumbo as with the Chanel chain bag) and with short and long chains.  The hardware is usually silver but gold has also been spotted on variations of the bag. Think Jennifer did well pairing these bags with her outfits?

The Chanel boy bag has a funny name. There’s nothing masculine about the cute little purse. It’s almost dainty because of its size. It’s a step apart from many bags that are large, over-sized or misshapen these days. If you want a purse that’s tiny, cute and has sleek lines, this is the one. 

The black Chanel Boy Bag has a rectangular shape. It’s produced in three sizes and this appears to be the smallest. It lacks the quilted texture the larger flap back bags have. The logo is also missing, which is a new trend that we’ve been talking about for a while. The metallic clasp is different from what you usually see on the Chanel bags, which is the interlocking Cs. It looks like a modern yet retro icon of a bag. We like!


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