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Hilary Duff is always spotted either running errands with her baby boy or running to the gym. She looks casual clothes like the ones pictured above. 9 times out of 10 hen the paparazzi catch her, she’s in something that looks comfortable in a “lounging around the gym” way rather than comfortable but still chic. Although she doesn’t want to make the effort to look like a Hollywood starlet through her outfit choices, she does it with the labels that surround her life. For example, she’s always carrying a luxury bag, no matter what. This is the new Chanel boy bag in silver, which is actually very cute and different from the usual Chanel bags we’ve been seeing in years past. And aside from her bag, that’s a Porsche she’s stepping in. Kinda makes you realize why child stars try so hard to get famous with all kinds of crazy antics. One you’re a Disney kid, you can retire at 20 with loads of cash. 

The Chanel boy bag has a funny name. There’s nothing masculine about the cute little purse. It’s almost dainty because of its size. It’s a step apart from many bags that are large, over-sized or misshapen these days. If you want a purse that’s tiny, cute and has sleek lines, this is the one. 

The black Chanel Boy Bag has a rectangular shape. It’s produced in three sizes and this appears to be the smallest. It lacks the quilted texture the larger flap back bags have. The logo is also missing, which is a new trend that we’ve been talking about for a while. The metallic clasp is different from what you usually see on the Chanel bags, which is the interlocking Cs. It looks like a modern yet retro icon of a bag. We like!


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