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Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Suede Tote
Angelina Jolie has the best travel style. Comfy shoes, check. Gorgeous multi-purpose pashmina, check. Large sunglasses to keep your eyes cool, of course. A large black bag that will carry everything and look amazing no matter what you wear it with, of course. It’s no surprise it’s the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Suede Tote. This brand has been through a major image overhaul over the last four years and now, celebrities love it. With women like Angelina and Gwyneth giving it their full support, Saint Laurent is no doubt on its way to becoming a discreet style icon.

Honestly, what was Jessica Alba thinking when she plugged this Chloe look? The brand has always been known for their understated, simple and chic style. But by wearing everything matchy matchy all at once, Jessica looks like a cartoon. On it’s own, that coat would have been gorgeous. The Chloe Baylee Perforated bag would have been very chic if she’d toted it on her arm on any other day. But by going overboard, she ends up looking like that middle-school fashionista who would go to school decked out head to toe in ALL her favorite things. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you should show it off all on the same day, Jessica. Better luck next time.

There are some bags which are so plain (yet chic) that they can be worn with anything and still look great. Others are a different story. The Mini Bronte bag by Chloe is not one of those bags. This is the type that isn’t just an accessory you hang on your arm. This is the kind of bag you build the entire outfit around and that’s what it looks like Olivia Palermo did. It is beautifully structured and built to last. The colors complement each other wonderfully – cream, black and beige. The silver accent only adds to the chicness!

Kate Moss Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag
It’s no secret that legendary beauty Kate Moss loves wearing black. She also happens to love black leather. That’s why the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag is so perfect for her. The leather couldn’t look more luxurious. This bag is also much-loved by another A Lister – Angelina Jolie. Both these ladies are more loyal to their handbag choices than most ladies. Kate’s been spotted carrying the bag on more than a few occasions. She loves to pair it with an equally stunning leather jacket or black leather skinny jeans. This is how one works an all-black handbag!

Keira Knightley Chanel Satin Quilted Mini Flap Bag

Ever been to a magic show and seen a magician saw his way through a box with a woman in it? Kiera Knightly looks like she was that woman after getting sawed in half, climbed right out of that box and catwalked her way to Chanel’s runway show for Paris Fashion Week. Her Chanel Satin Mini Flap bag looked very charming but it was dress that really stunned the crowd. At first it’s eye catching because it looks like a fun illusion. But then it grabs you and awes you simply by how slender she looks. It is normal to have a waist that tiny or is it just the dress that makes it appear miniscule? You decide!

Vanessa Paradis Chanel Clutch
The only thing that hasn’t changed about Vanessa Paradis over the last few years is how slender she is. A few years ago, she was spotted at Paris Fashion Week with long straight hair, looking like a bombshell. Now she doesn’t look like she takes herself too seriously anymore, judging by her relaxed denim jeans look. Vanessa’s hair choice is perplexing as well. The curls look a bit unnatural on her. They say women make drastic hairstyle changes when they’re going through traumatic life changes. Does the fact that her ex-husband Johnny Depp left her for a 20-something Amber Heard is now officially, publicly engaged? Ouch.

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