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Charlize Theron is a busy working Mom but she still manages to always step out and show off a bit of fashion. Whether she is running errands or arriving at LAX she knows how to match out an outfit. We have seen her take out the bling and glitter when walking the red carpet with designer clutches and gowns. However, when this busy lady is on her own time she tends to dress it down a bit more but still remain fashionable. The Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag is a perfect example of this. Charlize can pair this designer win perfectly with jeans and we still want to have a look in her closet!

Megan Fox and Her Givenchy Lucrezia bag

Megan Fox, named the Hottest Woman in the World by too many magazines to list, is one of the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood. Her movies, “Jennifer’s Body”, “Transformers”, and “This is 40”, were huge blockbusters. If not for the screenwriting and acting, just because we all love to look at her. Pictured above is the foxy Fox at LAX airport wearing a simple ensemble, carrying a Givenchy Lucrezia Bag.

We’ve seen the bag with other celebrities like Charlize Theron in different colors. Fox is holding a black on black Lucrezia bag. The bag itself is made out of linen, but the bottom is lined with leather, and there are other leather accents. The size and durability make it perfect for any occasion, including traveling. Pair your Givenchy Lucrezia tote with a simple outfit, and killer heels.

Mirander Kerr with Her Givenchy

It takes a while to stop looking at the picture above. One of our favorite Victoria’s secret angel was spotted just yesterday with her Givenchy Lucrezia tote. This gorgeous angel has impeccable taste, a true style icon. Apart from being a model for Victoria’s Secret, Miranda Kerr is a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. We usually see her out and about with her Chanel, Celine, Louie Vuitton, Prada, and YSL bags. She never fails to impress.

Just the other day we spotted Charlize Theron running errands with her creme and black Givenchy Lucrezia tote. The tote is made of linen with leather accents and a leather bottom. The size and shape make it great for running errands and going to work. The leather strap makes the bag very versatile, allowing you to wear it on your am or your shoulder. Apart from being so functional, the bag is so sexy. The leather gives it an extremely edgy and stylish look. Pair this bag with a simple outfit, perhaps jeans, with a crisp white shirt and Louboutins.

Charlize Theron With A Givenchy Lucrezia Bag

Just the other day one of our favorite A-listers, Charlize Theron was spotted running errands in Toms, leggings, a tank top and sporting a Givenchy Lucrezia bag. Charlize is at the top of Hollywood right now, winning every award that comes her way, and starring in the best films of the year. As you can see, she has an extremely short pixie cut. The gorgeous actress shaved her head for her upcoming film, Mad Max 4: Fury Road.

Coming back to the handbag, this color block Givenchy Lucrezia is simply to die for. The bag itself is made of linen, which makes it very lightweight, and has lambskin accents. The lambskin gives the bag a defined shape and helps it maintain that shape even after rough use. It is a large bag, but comes in even larger sizes. Theron is holding the small. This handbag will go with just about any outfit and it great for day to day tasks. Although Charlize is holding her Givenchy Lucrezia like a handbag, it also comes with a long, cross body strap.

Charlize Theron Stays Chic With Her Dior Gaucho Handbag

Does Charlize Theron ever look bad? “Monster” excepted? I don’t think so. So it’s no surprise to see the Oscar winner looking drop dead gorgeous as always as she traveled in style with her Dior Gaucho handbag. The purse hasn’t been seen that much since its “it bag” heyday a few years back, but we all know Theron is loyal to the Dior brand that she represents.

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