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 The Many Bags Of Angeline Jolie

Elegant, incredibly intelligent, ever stylish and also incredibly talented, not to mention simply beautiful, Angelina Jolie is one of the most talked about people in the public domain. Some people love her, others despise her, but either way you simply have to take your hat off to her.

The Many Bags Of Kim Kardashian

When your wife is Kim Kardashian we imagine it can be pretty tricky to find a birthday present, for it seems this sexy lady has the whole world at her feet. This former PA and former fashion stylist to Lindsey Lohan has certainly come a long way thanks to the reality TV show “keeping up with the Kardashian”

The Many Bags Of Beyoncé

Global icon, film star, actress, mother and wife are just some of the words used to describe the ever stylish Beyoncé. Rising to fame in the late 1990s and entertaining us for the past twenty years, this Superstar never seems to put a fashion foot wrong.

Honestly, what was Jessica Alba thinking when she plugged this Chloe look? The brand has always been known for their understated, simple and chic style. But by wearing everything matchy matchy all at once, Jessica looks like a cartoon. On it’s own, that coat would have been gorgeous. The Chloe Baylee Perforated bag would have been very chic if she’d toted it on her arm on any other day. But by going overboard, she ends up looking like that middle-school fashionista who would go to school decked out head to toe in ALL her favorite things. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you should show it off all on the same day, Jessica. Better luck next time.

There are some bags which are so plain (yet chic) that they can be worn with anything and still look great. Others are a different story. The Mini Bronte bag by Chloe is not one of those bags. This is the type that isn’t just an accessory you hang on your arm. This is the kind of bag you build the entire outfit around and that’s what it looks like Olivia Palermo did. It is beautifully structured and built to last. The colors complement each other wonderfully – cream, black and beige. The silver accent only adds to the chicness!

It’s an unwritten rule that every celebrity needs to be spotted regularly at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, California. That’s where Julianne Hough was seen with this super cute Chloe bag from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. The cream-colored perfectly complemented the darker hues of her outfit, which were blacks and army green. The pristine white bag is actually the Chloe Sally Python bag. The snakeskin leather keeps it looking edgy even though the color is so preppy and sophisticated. It has a chain handle on the shoulder strap. The frame and hardware are golden. If you’re not into reptile prints, you can also get it in Calfskin and Ayers.


Calabasas_June_18_2013 Chanel Boy Pre-Fall 2013 Bag

Our favorite part of this outfit is actually not the bag, it’s the shoes. They are the kind of shoes a true shoe addict could salivate over for hours. Normal, non-celeb people wouldn’t have the guts to wear something like these monstrous heels even at a formal event but Khloe seems at ease throwing them on for a froyo outing. That’s a Kardashian for you.

Her Chanel boy bag has previously been spotted on sister Kim, quite a long time ago. Either Khloe takes all Kim’s old bags or these wacky sisters like buying the exact same things. Her torn jeans and ironic Chanel top are really killing the glam factor of her accessories.

Calabasas_June_18_2013 Chanel Boy Pre-Fall 2013 Bag2

miranda kerr

Miranda Kerr was spotted looking absolutely adorable in a blue romper and the Marcie Cross Body bag by Chloe. This shoulder bag and her navy summer outfit was a perfect summer look. Not only does she look down to earth and natural, her legs look amazing. She wore it again with this colorful summer dress. The great thing about having a neutral leather shoulder bag is how easy it is to carry as well as the fact that it complements all kinds of colors really well. Here are a couple more variants of this style:


Chloe Marcie Crossbody

Hilary Duff married a fabulously wealthy rich man years ago. Now that she’s the wife of a billionaire and the mother of his child, it’s become her full time job to be seen shopping for designer clothes while wearing designer clothes. As long as she’s a walking fashion icon, we’re happy because that way she’s like a Trend 101 class for the rest of us. 

Because of the past fashion week, Chloe seems to have picked up steam towards its position as a classic handbag choice. On its way to becoming iconic, it’s become even more trendy, if that makes sense. The design house rolled out the Chloe Paddington bag to celebrate its 60th anniversary and while they were at it, they also made some of the most beautiful bags seen on the runways of Paris fashion week. So now we’re seen a flurry of celebs carrying their older Chloe bags out in public. This is the Marcie Cross-Body Bag in a whimsically titled Nut color. 

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