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Jennifer Garner is the anti-Kardashian. The only time you’ll see her looking like a killer combination of sexy and edgy is in an action movie or TV series. When she’s at home in California, she’s often spotted in tattered mom jeans, comfy shoes and sweaters that look so soft that a pile of kittens belong snuggling in them. So even when Jennifer carries a Prada tote, it’s not a sleek black leather tote that’s characteristic of the brand. Instead, it’s a colorful checked bag that you wouldn’t even know was Prada unless someone told you. 

This is the Prada Vichy Checked Bowler Bag and it’s one of the most vibrant bags to come from the handbag line in a long while. When we spot Prada bags in celebrity hands, it’s often with Miranda Kerr who carries patent leather totes in solid colors. This soft fabric exterior bag is a cute and welcome change. Maybe we’ll be seeing more innovation from Prada in the near future.


It’s strange to see Kate Moss not only smiling but carrying a tote as colorful as this one. Could the rebellious model have found true inner peace? With the right outfit and accessories, it seems you really can reach zen.

The outfit is actually genius. A gray dress that is loosely fitted to enjoy the summer breeze and stiletto booties fit for a model create an edgy look. The Balenciaga Python A4 Tote bag adds all the color the look needs, making it seasonally appropriate.


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