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Jaime King
It’s hard to believe Jaime King had a baby just a few short months ago. She’s gifted with one of those rare, supermodel bodies so she hardly gained weight anywhere besides her belly to begin with. Now she’s back to looking as fabulous as ever, which is why she’s been such a successful model and actress. And even though she lives in sunny California, she pulls off New Yorker style with such aplomb here.

It’s so hard to pick out which part of her outfit is best – the artsy shoes, the oversized watch over long sleeves, the retro sunglasses, the chic black dress or the Tory Burch Elise Leather Satchel. 

Alessandra Ambrosio
In cities like Los Angeles, where you have to walk everywhere, it doesn’t matter how big your handbag is. In fact, the bigger the better and the more recognizable the bag, the higher your status. But in cities where you’ll be doing a ton of walking like New York or Chicago, it can be a real drag to carry a heavy bag all day.

That’s why something beautiful yet compact like the Givenchy Pandora Billy Messenger bag is so essential. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and high utility. There are many high street bags trying to look like this but falling SO short.


Soon to be a yummy mummy of Beverly Hills, Petra Ecclestone was spotted leaving Madeo’s in Beverly Hills. Spending time shopping with her mother, she was carrying a very recently released “Celine Whipsnake White Box Bag”. “Whipsnake” is one of the more recent editions of this fab glam Celine bag.

The pattern of the exotic leather is appears to be small snakeskin zig zags on the exterior. The monochromatic color is black and white, making it look very classic yet rogue.  The gold hardware is a beautiful touch. Billionaire heiress and Hollywood famous-for-being-rich girl Petra carries her bag as a clutch although it comes with long straps, allowing you to wear it as a cross-body bag or as a shoulder bag. We know the blonde fashion goddess would never hold a bag so casually as to sling it over herself as a cross-body bag. After all, this petite young woman lives in a 100 million dollar home. Here’s to keeping it super fancy at all times.


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