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Jessica Alba

It looks like top celebrities are going crazy after the updated version of Louis Vuitton’s Soft Lockit Bag Collection.

After Charlize Theron and Carey Mulligan, Jessica Alba, was also spotted carrying a pale pink Louis Vuitton’s Soft Lockit Bag. In fact the SIN CITY star rocked the bag twice! Well, who wouldn’t fell in love with those elegant curves and subtle dyed edges?

Introduced by the enchanting Michelle Williams, the upgraded version of Louis Vuitton’s Soft Lockit Bag displays feminine elegance. So that’s why Jessica Alba seem to radiate while carrying that dazzling handbag…hmm (raised eyebrow here ;))

With a rather simple yet elegantly soft Veau Cachemire leather make, the LV Soft Lockit Bag sure is a spotlight stealer! Aside from this soft pink “Magnolia” version, the LV Lockit Collection will also come in chic subtle shades of Galet, Framboise and Quetsche.

This bag is already sold out yet will be available in stores for $4,250 in July. And yup, we’re already saving some bucks 😉

Most fashionistas who love them some Gucci, Louis and Fendi have a tendency to scoff at the sight of a Coach bag. There are two reasons for the Coach hate among those who love the finer things. They’re more affordable and thus more often seen being carried by people who lack fashion sense and thus knock the image of the brand. They have looked outdated for a while because of the heavily monogrammed look that went out of style back in the early 2000’s. 

The fact that SJP (a fashion legend) has been spotted with a Coach means the brand is headed for a turn around. Like we predicted months ago, a lot of brands are now favoring a “less is more approach.” It started with the dramatic YSL makeover. Wealthy people don’t want to flaunt their wealth to the general public in this recession but they still want to buy luxury products that are easily recognizable by other wealthy people. That’s why the trend for bags that clearly look like they’re made of luxury leather but lack logos are so in right now. They’re like covert status symbols. This is the Borough Bag and will be in the market within a few months.


Emma Roberts was spotted walking around town in Los Angeles with a cute boy and a trendy outfit from head to toe. Her jacket was a shearling collar Paul and Joe piece and her ankle boots were in a chic gray color. The understated shirt and fuschia scarf really pulled the look together and made it winter appropriate yet light and colorful. 

The bag is Marni, one of those lesser talked about designers. While you won’t see a Kardashian carrying one very often, the brand is in all the luxury shopping malls in the world, their display racks are fabulous and you’ll often see Marni spreads in the top fashion bibles like Vogue. This bag is in a very beautiful and unique teal color and the gold studs make it a must-have item for any fashionista that likes to stand out. 

Ashlee Simpson Givenchy Pandora bag

It’s been ages since Ashlee Simpson was culturally relevant. This generation probably can’t even name a song she sang or a TV show or movie she’s been in. Time flies crazy fast. Somehow she can still afford to live in LA and wear super fancy clothes. 

This is the Givenchy Mink Pandora bag. For someone with such a casual dress sense like her, it almost looks out of place on her and absurdly so. It’s made of actual mink fur, something known world-wide for being rare, expensive and elitist. This is a gorgeous bag but is it too good for Ashlee?

Nicky Hilton Celine Trapeze bag

Nicky Hilton’s Celine Trapeze bag is such utter perfection that if we had to pick only one black bag to ever have, this one may just have to be it. The clean cut surface on the front with the whimsical flaps protruding on the sides make it classic and elegantly quirky. It’s the type of bag that’s never going to look out of style. 

The metal clasp in the front is the cherry on top for this bag. The lack of frills, trims and complementing colors means this bag was designed so well that it can carry its own without having to call for backup. Our New Year’s resolution is to get our hands on this baby, how about you?

Klohe Kardashian red bag


The Kardashians keep half the bag lovin’ blogs on the internet in business. By constantly tweeting, instagram-ing pictures and walking around town getting photographed in new bags, they’re make runway looks translate to street style for the rest of us before any other celebs do.

Khloe wore this red Chanel wrap around bag around L.A. At first look, it just appears to be a simple, classic Chanel flap bag but it’s actually the new Chain Around Bag. The metal chain isn’t just in the shoulder straps. Since chained bags have been the hottest in thing in the last few years, it seems the designers saw good cause to add more of it to the bag. Look pretty cute. Do you prefer this or little sister Kylie’s red Celine? 


Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain appeared out of nowhere in Hollywood a few years ago. Her first big year, she had seven major films out. This miraculous success story won her a place on every red carpet and a Golden Globe nomination. Her beauty, impeccable fashion sense and talent means she’ll be around for a while. So get used to seeing her! 

By now, paparazzi have  become aware of her star status and have begun providing us with photos of her street style. It appears that Jess is a fan of Proenza Schouler. Seen with the newest PS13 bag, the actress looked great. The blue bag hightlights her fiery red hair. The large carry all has a bigger strap than ever before, something which makes it more comfortable on the shoulder. This particular color is labeled The Peacock Blue.

84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Jimmy Choo Isn’t Just For Shoes – Blake Lively Carries Hot New Bag

How lucky is the cast of Gossip Girl? Other than Little J, who was condemned to being the “poor girl from Brooklyn turned grubby rebel outcast”, everyone always gets to wear the latest trends way ahead of everyone else. So ahead that during the time they’re filming, us mere mortals aren’t even aware of the trends Blair and Serena are creating for us!

This Jimmy Choo Lara bag is the perfect type of printed hobo bag to carry to school or work. Blake’s dark trench and worried look gives hint that the directors were shooting some heavy scenes for the show in New York. The Jimmy Choo handbag adds a touch of elegance to the look and the printed scarf prevents the outfit from being too mournful.

A point to note is that the protruding black part of the bag is just an optical illusion! The black top appears as though it’s part of the bag but is in fact a Marc Jacobs laptop sleeve. However, don’t be disappointed – this just goes to show how much you can stuff in this multi purpose bag. You can use it while traveling and still look as stylish as Blake does. 

Just don’t forget to make your tresses as va-va-voom as hers to complete the look.


Kourtney Kardashian With Her Celine Luggage Tote!

Seasons come and seasons go, but in the fashion world, Celine is still the must-have bag for people who are interested in a bag’s must-haveness and Kourtney Kardashian is no exception and always steals the spotlight especially with this very hard to find Celine Luggage Tote!

She carries it in Black and Black with Leopard Detail Design on Front shown in these photos. The brand only has one US boutique at the moment (although it’s opening a New York City location in the coming months) and the bags are distributed through ultra-prestigious retailers in extremely small numbers.

Pre-season pictures of Celine’s designs are almost as difficult to find as the bags themselves. Which is why this is a true Legend to own!

If you cannot afford the alarming price tag on this Tote, Visit and get both of Kourtney’s Inspired Totes for only $79.00 Each made of Solid Luxurious Leather! The Inspired Version is called The London Tote!


Baginc London Leather Tote Black And Leopard

A-List Celebs with the Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag

This gorgeous Eye Popping Alexander Wang “Rocco” Bag was first seen spotted on none other than the Self Proclaimed Handbag Queen Mary-Kate Olson back in 2009 and all of Hollywood didn’t have a clue as to who the designer of this lush Pebbled Leather Duffle with 5 Huge Golden Brass Rows of Spike Studs covering the complete bottom of the handbag until it was finally revealed that the Designer was Alexander Wang.

Everyone from Top A-list Celebs such as Kate Bosworth, Hillary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Rihanna, Nicky Hilton and Vanessa Minillo just to name a few as well as handbag lovers worldwide were on a Huge waiting list for this Classic and Iconic yet Edgy Duffel style Bag that still seems to be the latest handbag obsession!

It has been seen on numerous Red Carpet Events and is the perfect size bag for everyday.

This Bag gives even the simplest outfit a bit of an edge with its gold studding detail.


A-List Celebs Hitting the Streets with the Alexander Wang Bag

No wonder the bag is still hot in Production 3 years and going strong! Retailing at 875.00 at is a definite must have and the price isn’t so bad considering it would still be a Top seller if it Retailed for much more in my opinion!

It comes in several colors and two sizes! If the 875.00 Price Tag will Break the Bank You can also get this exact Inspired beauty from for only 149.00 and solid Pebbled Leather too!

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