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In case you missed it, Olivia Palermo tied the knot with her male model boyfriend. This is just one example of how picture perfect this couple is. Although Olivia isn’t a model herself (she is famously petite), she could totally have gone for it if she’s been a little taller. Her face is gorgeous and her style is impeccable. There’s never been a day where Olivia wore something unattractive that made her fans go “Why?!” or “What IS she wearing?” She opts for classic pieces like this coat but mixes it up to keep it from being boring. For example, her coat has short sleeves and a sheer blouse is showing on her arms and around her neckline, adding a hint of romance. Her pants keep it from being dull and the embroidered flats are just another artistic touch to the whole look. Of course, you can’t forget the bag – a soft, dusty pink Christian Dior bag.


You see what’s happening here? Allison Williams is TV’s new It girl. Her all-American girl looks, her bright smile and blue/green eyes make the camera love her. Her show Girls may not be widely watched, but it’s watched by all those who are in the know about pop culture’s trendiest topics. The fact that she’s has the most classic looks out of anyone in the show means she”ll naturally continue to get more famous than her-costars, whether that’s fair or unfair. However, her character is somewhat unlikable so she won’t reach Blake Lively-level fame. In Blake’s case, people see her as beautiful, vulnerable and sweet Serena every time she steps on the red carpet. Allision is a Yale grad so she’s probably smart enough to use that to her advantage and continue finding all kinds of roles for herself rather than just get typecast as another “America’s Sweetheart.” Because we all know how that ends, like with Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts and now Jennifer Lawrence. People love them until they get sick of them and then comes the backlash, which is never pretty. 

A totally random thought – doesn’t Allison look a LOT like Kate Middleton here? 

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