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Miley Cyrus With A Versace Tote

Oh Miley, finally you’re wearing something other than a crop top and high waisted shorts. This former Disney Queen made herself a household name early after her hit TV show Hannah Montana took off. She then became involved in various controversies to which she replied “I can’t be tamed” in song. We do not like her usual style at all! Its like the girl has hundreds of millions but no personal stylist!

In the picture above Miley Cyrus is carrying a Versace signature tote with a black and white outfit. The tote is very simple, elegant, and clean cut. It goes great with her edgy look and keeps it classy. This Versace tote retails for about $2,500. We think that even though Miley rarely hits the right notes with her fashion sense, you should follow her lead on this one. Color blocking, whether with black and white or bright colors is definitely the way to go with a plain bag as the Versace signature tote.

purple patent leather Roger Vivier ‘Prismick’ clutch

We love Jessica Alba for a number of things. She’s an amazing actress, best known for the Fantastic 4, Sin City, and her TV show Dark Angel. Plus, she’s absolutely gorgeous! But, what really makes everybody fall in love with Jessica Alba is her personality and style. After having children, she started a company making children’s products without any harmful ingredients. Even with having such a busy life as a mom, actress, and CEO, Jessica Alba never fails to impress with her style!

Pictured above is Jessica Alba at the 2013 Producer’s Guild Awards. She’s wearing an Ellie Saab dress and a Roger Vivier clutch. Her clutch matches her lipstick which pulls the whole together. It is an unexpected choice with the black dress, but it worked out so perfectly! We don’t love the nail color too much, but if you’re Jessica Alba, everything you do it cool. You could pair this sexy clutch with any deep colored formal dress, cocktail or black-tie.

Swarovski's 'Gemma' clutch

Beyonce never fails to impress. She has the whole world in love with her music, obsessed with her style, and overly curious about her family life. If you’re like us, you love any award show with all your favorite actors, actresses, and musicians all in one place. Its a wonderful time in which you get to feast your eyes upon the stars and oogle their outfits, hair, makeup, and especially bags! Fashion critics were divided about Beyonce’s outfit. Some loved it, while others thought dresses suit her better. We believe Beyonce can pull off anything! One thing that critics loved, as do we was her Swarovski Gemma clutch.

The clutch, Swarovski Gemma clutch, is a rectangular clutch with a Swarovski crystal border. Inside the purse, there is only enough room for the essentials: face powder, lipstick, and cell phone. It is also a very fancy, elegant purse well suited for parties and big events. If you buy this, don’t ever use it for anything but a huge black tie event. Pair this with a floor length gown, or short cocktail dress and you’ll be the bell of the ball!

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