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Johnny Weir Staying Warm with Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton

Johnny Weir pictured above is staying warm in style and looking fierce in a marble-printed, fur-trimmed coat carrying a Balenciaga Voyage bag and wearing a Louis Vuitton Monogram Lurex Shaw.

Here he is again looking just as fabulous with a Fendi Monogram scarf and what looks to be Kim Kardashian’s Hermes Birkin 🙂

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Ashley Tisdale with her Fendi Peekaboo Satchel

Ashley Tisdale leaving the office of her production company in Santa Monica with her black Fendi Peekaboo Satchel.

FENDI  "Do It Yourself" bag Fendi is releasing a limited edition Baguette Mezzo Punto – “Mezzo punto” is Italian for “half stitch”

The package includes a canvas bag as well as diagrams and illustrations as a guide for embroidering the logo.

Yes, you read that right. YOU stitch the patterns onto the bag. So basically all you’re getting is a canvas bag, a needle and thread.

The “Do It Yourself” bag will be presented in December at Design Miami/Basel.
No word on how much the Mezzo Punto will cost, but we’re hoping not too much because majority of the labor is done by the person who purchases it!

Hopefully they add a spare piece of fabric to practice on because we have a feeling some people might eff it up on the first go around. Then again, those who buy Fendi will probably forgo the DIY option and buy one that doesn’t require blood, sweat and tears to be poured into it.


Lindsay, looking rather frail was spotted carrying the Fendi Bag Du Jour as she apparently shopped for even more handbags.


The Kardashian gals have lightened up considerably since their all-black attire at the Michael Jackson memorial, but Kourtney still has the same purse. Even with her summery white dress, the Fendi To You Clutch’s orange and black color palette turns me off – way too harlequin and Halloween for me. I do, however, love Kim’s Balenciaga purse, which works perfectly with her white tee, cool studded vest, skinny black jeans, and matching stacked pumps. Flawless.


Those Kardashian sisters are everywhere, so why shouldn’t they be at the Michael Jackson public memorial too? Apparently the sisters were family friends of Michael Jackson, so it’s only fitting that they donned black ensembles and paid their respects. Of course, a little accessorizing never hurts, hence Kourtney Kardashian’s massive orange and black Fendi “To You” clutch. I hate to pick on someone in mourning, but that color combo is way too witchy for me. A simple black clutch or purse would have been a more appropriate choice for the occasion.

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I used to dig Lady GaGa’s style, but now I think it’s a bit more “gag.” Still, there’s no faulting the blonde one for her killer white Fendi Bag Du Jour, which she carries EVERYWHERE (seriously, did she blow all her money on black panties?). It’s a cool status purse that’s classic and not as trendy or in your face as…well, pretty much everything else she wears. The lady knows her handbags – now she just needs her clothes to follow suit.


Carmen Electra was recently spotted signing autographs while leaving Roxy in Hollywood with the Brand New Fendi Bag de Jour on her arm. This bag is from the Fendi Spring 2009 collection.

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