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Givenchy Bag
Sometimes when you’re in the Monday blues, it takes a model to remind you to keep it fabulous no matter what. Whether you’re getting off a long-haul flight or leaving the gym, it’s never an excuse to look like a slob. Even if you’re not 6 feet tall or ridiculously fit, you can still look super stylish by putting in the slightest bit of effort. The reasons models often look so good is because they wear designer clothes that are created with cuts and fit in mind. Too-loose or too tight looks less than flattering on anyone. Next, wear comfy shoes so you don’t feel like you’re torturing yourself at the alter of fashion. Throw on shades to look great even without makeup and don’t forget a fabulous leather It Bag like this Givenchy Antigonia number in olive green!

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato has been having a good year. Last year she fell from grace and became plastered all over gossip rags for having myriad problems including self-mutilation, emotional issues and addiction to drugs including cocaine. After a round of rehab and weight gain followed by a back and forth tussle with critics, she finally seems to be doing great. Her American Idol days are behind her and she’s jumping back into the music scene in 2014. Meanwhile, buddy Miley Cyrus is doing well professionally but is losing respect from some fans because of her wild ways and constant talk about doing drugs. Selena Gomez just admitted to addiction and a stint in rehab. And let’s not even talk about Bieber!

Although Demi says she’s on the straight and narrow now, she’s still adventurous when it comes to style. Her hair is always a bright pink or blue and her clothes always have an expensive punk vibe. The one way she maintains her celebrity style is with her iconic Givenchy Antigonia bag, which has also been spotted many a time on model Miranda Kerr’s arm.

the Givenchy Croc Embossed Antigona bag

Olivia Palermo was spotted with this gorgeous croc leather Givenchy Antigonia bag. While it’s been spotted on the arm of a fashionista or two or more, this fashion icon knows how to carry it best. Down to the metallic buttons on her jacket, her accessories and outfit look like they were made to complement the bag. 

Everyone knows croc leather is one, if not the most luxurious types of bag materials so the first impression the bag makes is: wow, that girls owns some stylish, expensive stuff. The second impression it gives the onlooker is that the lady with the bag has a classic style because of the old-school Hollywood glam look of the bag. The top handles make it easy to clutch while looking trendy as ever.

Just a few days after THAT unforgettable Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Miranda Kerr has been spotted with the Givenchy Antigonia bag. If the name is anything to go by, it sounds like it’s a handbag made for Greek goddesses and Miranda is hardly short of being one. 

By now, the lady has established herself to be one of the top five world’s current supermodels and her cross-over to Hollywood is complete since she’s married to famed actor Orlando Bloom. While it’s no surprise that she’s naturally stylish, she never ceases to stun us with her impeccable taste. 

Her look is all at once effortless and immaculate. The knee-high boots complement the leather bag perfectly. The asymmetrical tote has two top handles for carrying as she does her but it also comes with a detachable strap for when you want to go for a more casual, traveling look. The triangular patch of leather at the two straps has Givenchy metalwork on it, for those who do like a subtly, trendy logo on a bag to make it stand out. 

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