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Rihanna loves her Givenchy Lucrezia bag so much, she chose to dye her hair and wear shoes to match. It’s possible that she chose her accessories to match her hair, but her hair changes so often that we’re willing to believe she’d do the opposite. It’s surprising that its summer and she doesn’t have a hit single out. That would make things interesting because Iggy Azalea has two songs in the top two. If Rihanna were to put out a single and get beat by Iggy, that would be bad because she’d immediately be dethroned as the Queen of hip hop. It looks like RiRi’s made enough money to chill out and relax for a while. She doesn’t seem too concerned about the competition as she attends Laker games. If you had the power, influence, money and wardrobe she has access to (including free goodies from all the major designers fresh of the runway every season), would you still wo,rry about your career constantly? Nope? Didn’t think so. You do you, Rihanna. 

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato has been having a good year. Last year she fell from grace and became plastered all over gossip rags for having myriad problems including self-mutilation, emotional issues and addiction to drugs including cocaine. After a round of rehab and weight gain followed by a back and forth tussle with critics, she finally seems to be doing great. Her American Idol days are behind her and she’s jumping back into the music scene in 2014. Meanwhile, buddy Miley Cyrus is doing well professionally but is losing respect from some fans because of her wild ways and constant talk about doing drugs. Selena Gomez just admitted to addiction and a stint in rehab. And let’s not even talk about Bieber!

Although Demi says she’s on the straight and narrow now, she’s still adventurous when it comes to style. Her hair is always a bright pink or blue and her clothes always have an expensive punk vibe. The one way she maintains her celebrity style is with her iconic Givenchy Antigonia bag, which has also been spotted many a time on model Miranda Kerr’s arm.

Gisele Bundchen
When Gisele Bundchen married Tom Brady, everyone knew they would make beautiful babies as they are both two of the world’s most beautiful people. Even after having had several children, it’s amazing how flawless Gisele looks. Not only are her iconic long legs are slender as ever, her enviable voluminous hair is a thing of wonder. That’s the kind of hair women take a photo of to the hair salon and say, “That. I want THAT.”

It’s too bad her entire look is so hard to copy. That’s why she’s the world’s highest earning model even in semi-retirement. And even though she looks casually dressed, that’s a luxury designer bag on her her. The Givenchy Lucrezia, which is very similar to the Givenchy Nightingale. It’s a little more casual because of the almost bowling bag asymmetrical shape but it’s still stunning. Just like her.

Rosie Huntington
If you inhabit the planet we call Earth, chances are you’ve seen pictures or video clips of the sensational Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. The winter runway spectacle is more like  parade and a theatrical show than a runway fashion show but no one’s complaining. Two beauties that were missing from the mega event were Miranda Kerr, who was famously dropped as an Angel this year and Rosie Huntington Whitely, who seems to be working on making her own mark in Hollywood. 

Rosie is known for her fab street style, even when she’s going to the gym. Although she’s dressed casually, she still looks like a million bucks because of her model looks and her luxurious leather Givenchy Antigona bag. The sleek tote is very similar to a line of recent Prada bags but this version is famous in its own right because its loved by Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr and Nicole Richi.  

When celebrities have been in the clutches of fame for too long, they stop trying to look good all the time. They reserve that level of effort for red carpet events and front cover photo shoots. But when they’re trying to boost their level of fame and success, they make sure to look good 24/7. When you’re a model trying to break into Hollywood, the pressure is extremely intense. You can’t just look pretty, you have to look like the prettiest girl in the world. That could be why English model Rosie Huntington Whiteley has such impeccable style whenever she’s spotted out in public. 

She was most recently seen hopping into LAX carrying this Givenchy Antigona bag. This has been quite an It bag for a lot of celebs. Nicole Ritchie has one she loves as does Ashley Tisdale. This one is very chic and subtle in an olive green color. Rosie seems proud of her beautiful bag by the way she displays it in the crook of her arm. Even though the rest of her outfit is pretty casual, she looks like an A lister because of her perfectly coiffed hair and makeup.  


Sofia Vergara is at an all time high. She’s become the most recognized cast member of Modern Family and she’s beloved by the fashion world as well. It makes sense because she’s a former model from her Colombia days. These days, she likes flaunting her wardrobe in street style rather than on the ramp.

She even says her handbag collection is a form of “investment” because of how much money she spends on it. This Givenchy Antigona is a new addition because this color is from the Fall 2013/2014 Givenchy collection. The muted hue will allow Sofia to pair it with all kinds of outfits so we’ll be seeing a lot more of it soon. 

Nicole Kidman
You can add A list actress and celebrity Nicole Kidman to the long list of fabulous and wealthy people who swear by Celin wen it comes to traveling. She was spotted at LAX after arriving from Cannes, France with the Celine ‘Lizard’ Beige and Black Mini Luggage bag from the Fall 2013  range. The bag is quite unique because the exotic reptilian leather finish is not exclusive to the exterior. The interior is lined with it as well, making the bag’s price several times more expensive than a classic leather bag of the same style. This is a style only an A lister like Nicole can afford to brandish over her arm.


Givenchy Chain Belt Nightingale Bag

Vanessa Hudgens seems a lot like her character from Spring Breakers…except she went through her wild phase years ago instead of at this age. In her mid to late teens, the former Disney actress got into trouble many times with leaked photos and wild partying scandals.

Her man Zac Efron seems to have gotten away from her as well. It’s very hard to tell what her personality is like because she has so many different looks. Sometimes she looks mature and down to earth. Other times she looks like she’s still wild because of her festival looks at Coachella a month ago. Either way, at least she has good handbag sense. Her Givenchy Nightingale bag is a classic.

Givenchy Chain Belt Nightingale Bag2


Jennifer Garner’s Givenchy Lucrezia bag looks surprisingly similar to the Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag. The short straps and duffle shape make it look similar but the two vertical lines on the exterior of the Givenchy version are slimmer. The beige color makes it convenient for the soccer mom to tote it around with any outfit.

The Hollywood A lister doesn’t seem to care about designer labels, judging from her other outfits. Not only does she prefer to stay comfortable, she also doesn’t get followed by as many paparazzi if she’s not always done up like an Ecclestone or a Kardashian each time she steps out. Less to report on means less stalkers. Good for her.

eva mendes
Eva Mendes was previously known for being a hot bombshell actress. These days her greatest claim to fame is her relationship with actor Ryan Gosling. The two have been together for a while and are frequently spotted together in public.

Eva was seen with the Carolina Herrera “Matryoshka” bag. Note that she loves her Prada ankle boots so much that she’s always wearing them regardless of the outfits changes!

eva mendes

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