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the Givenchy Croc Embossed Antigona bag

Olivia Palermo was spotted with this gorgeous croc leather Givenchy Antigonia bag. While it’s been spotted on the arm of a fashionista or two or more, this fashion icon knows how to carry it best. Down to the metallic buttons on her jacket, her accessories and outfit look like they were made to complement the bag. 

Everyone knows croc leather is one, if not the most luxurious types of bag materials so the first impression the bag makes is: wow, that girls owns some stylish, expensive stuff. The second impression it gives the onlooker is that the lady with the bag has a classic style because of the old-school Hollywood glam look of the bag. The top handles make it easy to clutch while looking trendy as ever.

Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie was spotted out and about in Los Angeles in head to toe designer duds. A decade after her reality show with Paris Hilton, we’re all still painfully aware this city girl does not like living “The Simple Life.” Her hot yellow motorcycle jacket is Balenciaga, her sunglasses are Celine and her her shoes are Nike. And that’s just the stuff we recognize. No doubt her yoga pants are some trendy new label regular earthlings aren’t even aware of yet.

The bag she’s carrying is also Balenciaga – the Balenciaga City bag. The one good thing about seeing her carrying it is the fact that she’s been spotted with it so many times over the years. Just goes to show that when a bag is a classic like this one, it doesn’t matter how many seasons have passed – it’s just as trendy as ever and there’s no shame is wearing it til it’s all worn out!

Michelle Tratchenberg looks like a sprightly 21 year old girl. Truth is, she’s youthful but has been around for a while. A teen star in flop films like Inspector Gadget, she is most well known for playing the younger sister in the cult favorite Buffy series and as the “one of the guys” girl friend in Eurotrip. 

These days Michelle has just wrapped with Gossip Girl shooting and we’ve become accustomed to seeing her out and about on the town (NYC) dressed similar to her GG character, mean girl Georgina. When Georgina first showed up on the series, it was utterly delicious to see her in dark colors and luxe looking leather skinny jeans while the other characters were either dressing like over the top schoolgirls or as sparkly party princesses. 

Here she carries a maroon leather bag by Tory Burch. Tory Burch is a known designer whose fame has skyrocketed in recent years because of her riche looking logo, well contrasting color combinations, interesting store bags and decor. Every girl wants a pair of Tory Burch sandals or TB handbag just to have a pop of color with a cute logo to wear. The funny thing is, Tory has also made a cameo appearance as herself on the TV series Michelle appears on (Gossip Girl) during an episode revolving around New York Fashion Week.

This burgundy leather bag is the kind that can add that color to a dark outfit and keep it from looking too “gothic.” The top handles also make it convenient to carry when you don’t want to shoulder strap it. While Michelle still dresses more like her TV character, we’re happy to hear her real life persona is a lot more amiable!

While spring and summer are the perfect time to wear light colors and feminine cuts, there’s something about fall that just asks for a more intense look. It’s also the season that layering clothes becomes necessary and chic again. When you’ve got to layer clothes and accessories  neutral colors, black, brown, and monotones work really well. 

It seems like Nicky Hilton knows what she’s doing as she carries her black Proenza Schouler PS11 bag on her shoulder. This bag can work well with most fall and winter outfits, whether it’s worn with a pea coat or a bright neon sweater. Her black studded boots are really stylish as well. 

Even though Nicky stays out of the limelight unlike her notorious sister Paris, her style and fashion taste is far superior, no? What do you guys think – does Nicky dress better or does Paris Hilton?

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