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 Here’s another celeb who was spotted with the Michael Kors Miranda bag. Previously, Karolina Kurkova was spotted with one in white and Heidi Klum was spotted with a bright yellow version. Zoe Saldana’s bright green bag brings the designer’s Miranda collection to a full circle. 

Michael-Kors-Palm-MirandaZoe clearly has great taste in fashion as well as men  – this blue eyed hunk is Bradley Cooper – which you probably already know if you’ve seen a movie or two in the last 10 years. 

Zoe Saldana Bradley Cooper Michael Kors

Gwen Chanel

Chanel Green Patent Classic Jumbo Flap Bag
Gwen Stefani is a pop star turned-designer who is more into fashion now than music. She’s always impeccably dressed whenever she’s seen out in public. Her two boys also look like adorable tots in designer duds and bleached locks. Gwen has an immaculate handbag collection but she’s most often spotted carrying one of her numerous Chanel bags. 

This is one of her Jumbo Flap bags. The Chanel bag comes in Patent Leather for a very sleek and shiny look. It’s the kind of shine that doesn’t fade and also doesn’t pick up stains. So if you’re thinking about buying a white flap bag, make sure that it’s patent leather. This one’s actually green but looks more turquoise or sea-green than anything else. The color is very quirky but in the best way. 

January Jones & Christian Louboutin
A couple of years ago, January Jones became one of America’s biggest TV stars as Betty Draper. Her street style in L.A. is a lot more casual than Betty’s polished 60’s look but this bag is a little bit of a throwback to the style of the era. 

Called the “Farida messenger bag”, this is actually by the famous designer Christian Louboutin. Did you even know he makes noteworthy bags? Neither did we, til now. The simple, minimalist shape lets the deep, striking color be what the bag is all about. If you like understated accessories and have a penchant for statement hues, you’ll love the Farida. 

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