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Just because Sex and The City is over and so are the movies doesn’t mean SJP is going anywhere. Her role as a fashion icon has been cemented in style history. Olivia Palermo, current fashion It girl, just got married and guess what she wore to her wedding? The same exact blue Manolo Blahniks blue shoes Carrie Bradshaw wore for her wedding to Mr. Big! Not only did they serve as her “something blue”, they were a throwback to SATC and Marie Antoinette, the French queen and one of the biggest fashion It girls of all time. Here, Sarah Jessica is carrying a handbag from the range she’s designed herself, so you know her name will be around in the fashion world for years to come. 

Jessica Alba

It looks like top celebrities are going crazy after the updated version of Louis Vuitton’s Soft Lockit Bag Collection.

After Charlize Theron and Carey Mulligan, Jessica Alba, was also spotted carrying a pale pink Louis Vuitton’s Soft Lockit Bag. In fact the SIN CITY star rocked the bag twice! Well, who wouldn’t fell in love with those elegant curves and subtle dyed edges?

Introduced by the enchanting Michelle Williams, the upgraded version of Louis Vuitton’s Soft Lockit Bag displays feminine elegance. So that’s why Jessica Alba seem to radiate while carrying that dazzling handbag…hmm (raised eyebrow here ;))

With a rather simple yet elegantly soft Veau Cachemire leather make, the LV Soft Lockit Bag sure is a spotlight stealer! Aside from this soft pink “Magnolia” version, the LV Lockit Collection will also come in chic subtle shades of Galet, Framboise and Quetsche.

This bag is already sold out yet will be available in stores for $4,250 in July. And yup, we’re already saving some bucks 😉

January Jones is known for her icy demeanor both on and off screen. Her role of Betty Draper on AMC’s highly rated Mad Men had us wondering if that’s anything at all like her in real life. This was confirmed to an extent when the child actor who plays her son revealed he has no closeness or warmth with the actress. Then a pregnant January split with long-time boyfriend Jason Sudiekis. When paparazzi hounded him outside of a restaurant about the relationship, his shellshocked face indicated that he’d just been informed about the pregnancy by the media and not by January himself. 

While it’s safe to say that January is one of Hollywood’s very intimidating ice queens (she even slammed Ashton Kutcher in an interview once), we do love her fashion style. The lady looks drop dead gorgeous and ethereal on every red carpet. That’s when she’s often seen smiling. She rarely cracks a smile in candid photos but that’s probably because she knows she’s been followed by paps everywhere.

Inside, she’s probably giddy because she’s the proud owner of a very enviable wardrobe. This bag is the Chanel Beige Shiva Tote bag from the pre-fall Bombay collection. The colonial India inspired runway show was absolutely incredible, beautiful fashion. The eastern spin on the clothes didn’t quite change the classic look of the bags, however, and this one is a testament to that. What makes it stand out from the older Chanel collections is not only the large tote shape rather than the flap bag size, but the heavy, intense chains. Only Chanel under Karl Lagerfeld can make chains look rustic, mysterious and beautifully glamorous instead of gothic and dark. Like it as much as we do? It even makes her drab outfit look more tasteful.  

Kim Kardashian Carries Her Favorite Brand Chanel

When Kim K first showed up on the Hollywood scene, she wasn’t quite what you’d call…classy. The Paris Hilton sidekick was always a knockout beauty with her ample curves, long raven hair and beautiful face, but her skin tight dresses and club style wasn’t elegant. Flash forward a few years later and Kim has done her best to turn her image around. 

Gone are the bandage dresses (well, almost) and tacky cheetah prints. Now Kim loves toting around countless Chanel and Birkin bags. This nude classic Chanel flapback is one of her favorites. If you weren’t convinced, she’s been seen carrying it on many occasions.  A notorious shopaholic, it really means something when Kim will wear something multiple times. Usually, she carries a trend and then moves on.

You can’t blame her for sticking with this Chanel bag. Of all the flapback colors one can buy, the nude and black classic Chanel have got to be the most stylish. These can be worn with just about anything and will never look passe. Even Nine West has made a really great nude chanel flapback inspired bag. 

Kim Kardashian Carries One of Her Favorite Brands


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