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If there’s anyone who can find something gorgeous yet simple to wear when it’s over 90 degrees and insanely humid in New York, it’s Miranda Kerr. She’s on the fast track to becoming one of the most successful models on the planet, right after Gisele Bundchen, who makes over $128,000 a DAY. Being born with good genes is called winning the genetic lottery maybe because it IS like winning the lottery. That’s how these fancy ladies afford expensive bags like this Hermes Birkin, which STARTS at $10,000 and requires months of being on a waiting list before you can fork out the cash. Talk about being blessed (fashion-wise, at least!)

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani may not have a hit song out this summer, but that doesn’t stop her from stepping out like the rockstar she is. At this point, she’s made so many hits over the years that she doesn’t feel the urgency to be on the charts every year to prove she’s still got it. Even though this lady is in her 40’s now, she’s in better shape and better dressed than most of the new pop stars out there. W hile other “basic” ladies out there are carrying only Chanel and Celine, Gwen shows she’s beyond that and into a more diverse set of labels. She clearly knows that Louboutins aren’t just shoes. This particular bag is the Christian Louboutin Panettone Spiked Satchel. From the front, it just looks like it’s embellished with multicolored studs when they are in fact spikes that look very edgy from the side. This multicolored bag looks even more fabulous paired with Gwen’s intense red heels!

Christian Louboutin

Jessica Alba

It looks like top celebrities are going crazy after the updated version of Louis Vuitton’s Soft Lockit Bag Collection.

After Charlize Theron and Carey Mulligan, Jessica Alba, was also spotted carrying a pale pink Louis Vuitton’s Soft Lockit Bag. In fact the SIN CITY star rocked the bag twice! Well, who wouldn’t fell in love with those elegant curves and subtle dyed edges?

Introduced by the enchanting Michelle Williams, the upgraded version of Louis Vuitton’s Soft Lockit Bag displays feminine elegance. So that’s why Jessica Alba seem to radiate while carrying that dazzling handbag…hmm (raised eyebrow here ;))

With a rather simple yet elegantly soft Veau Cachemire leather make, the LV Soft Lockit Bag sure is a spotlight stealer! Aside from this soft pink “Magnolia” version, the LV Lockit Collection will also come in chic subtle shades of Galet, Framboise and Quetsche.

This bag is already sold out yet will be available in stores for $4,250 in July. And yup, we’re already saving some bucks 😉

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is one of Hollywood’s A list actresses for a long time now. Everyone knows her from Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama. One could even go as far as to say she’s the millennial generation’s answer to Meg Ryan when it comes to rom-coms. Her down to earth style means she’s usually dressed casually whenever she’s seen out and about. 

Here she’s wearing a very simple outfit to her son’s soccer game. What makes her stand apart from all the other moms on the field (besides her fame) is her LV bag. Known as the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Bag, it has personalized Mon Monogram detail.  That means only she has this exact bag in the whole world! She personalized it with a blue and red striped pattern and added her initials Laura Reese Witherspoon (LRW).



The Kardashian sisters are always jet-setting between L.A., Miami and New York. This time Kourtney and Khloe went down to  check out their Dash boutique in Florida. Known for it’s populous beaches and sunny, breezy weather, this dress was perfect for the occasion. The color is between aqua and sea-green. 

This bag is from the Spring 2013 collection, the new Celine Edge Tote bag. It is made of calfskin leather, which is extra smooth and fine. There’s a large front zip which spans across the bag and has a thick shoulder bag strap, both of which give it a no-frills chic look. This is the simplest version of the bag. There are even two other versions which feature pony hair and python leather!

We never tire of seeing Victoria’s Secret models out and about in the world just because they show us what physical perfection combined with effortless style can look like. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they’re even real when they’re on stage, but when they’re snapped in casual outfits, we can believe they’re naturally attractive women who just work really, really hard on their fitness. 

Luckily, we have pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio, one of the more seasoned VS models now that there are so many new faces in the brand, shopping in NY soon after the show. She seems so relaxed carrying this very stylish bag with sleek lines and clean cuts. That and the color blocking means one thing – it’s easily recognizable as a Celine bag!

Sure enough, it’s the Celine Trapeze bag. The one pictures here has white wings, a black suede flap and a khaki bottom. The colors complement her outfit perfectly and even make her hair highlights stand out stand out. The woman has got it goin’ on from head to toe.

If you were running to catch a flight in one of the most celeb-infested airports of the world, a person trying to hide their face with a big hat and sunglasses is the first one you’d suspect is famous, right? This look at me, don’t look at me vibe which celebrities follow is quite intriguing. 

Even with seemingly makeup free face, Eva Longoria is instantly recognizable. After many seasons on Desperate Housewives, we’d know that pint-sized fashionista anywhere. Being a Hollywood celeb, her idea of “casual wear” is out idea of dressed up. The bag she’s carrying is the Celine Bicolored Vertical Cabas Bag. 

Celine’s small and chic shoulder bags were the first to appear all over the fashion scene, then the Phantom totes. This one isn’t as popular yet, making it a more unique option for those who love to have an item or fashion accessory which everyone else doesn’t already. The salmon and orange color blocking against a white outfit and camel colored accessories really make it pop out and look fresh. The tote shape of the bag make it perfect for carrying for travel, for long day excursion or relaxing at the beach. Would you carry this bag? Let us know in the comments below!

Kate Moss is so revered in the world of fashion that nothing ever manages to bring her down – an outlaw ex, a massive cocaine scandal, age, wrinkles, not even belly flab, and we all know how the high priestesses of fashion look down on any flaws. Kate, however, is untouchable. She’s doing as well as ever and she’s become the first celeb to be seen toting this Mulberry bag, which isn’t even on the market yet. 

Less than 24 hours after the bag made it’s debut in London for Mulberry’s Spring 2013 show, Kate was spotted out and about with it on her arm. Us mere mortals haven’t even fully sorted our fall 2012 wardrobes yet. It’s called the Willow tote and the look is of crocodile leather. Hmm, fancy. You guys like? 

Selena Gomez was just spotted leaving a Malibu beach party wearing this jersey dress. The short in the front, long in the back shape is perfectly in tune with this summer’s trend list. Her simple black flats and the casual dress received an oomph factor with her fabulous, ultra-status symbol handbag.The star was spotted not long after boyfriend Justin Bieber got into an altercation with paparazzi – who claim he got violent in anger! Talk about two young stars growing up fast.

The Louis Vuitton Empreinte Lumineuse bag in Infini has tote handles and a shoulder strap so you can mix it up when it comes to how you carry it. The exterior is made of calfskin, making it more durable than lambskin bags so you can carry it wherever you want without worrying you’ll cause damage. In spite of the more durable calfskin, the bag still looks soft and feminine and glam with the striking LV monogram.

Lana del Rey gets a Mulberry Bag Named After Her

 If you were entranced by Lana del Rey’s viral Youtub hit Video Games (it has nearly 35 million views by now), chances are you’ll love the latest Lana-inspired Mulberry bag. The instant pop star’s old Hollywood mystique meets ultra-modern glam is what caused Mulberry’s creative director to take notice of the young beauty and use it to create a fashion accessory. Creative director Emma Hills says of the step, “Her look is retrospective, yet so modern; which inspired us to create a bag that was timeless, refined, and elegant.”

The bag is part of the brand’s Autumn Winter 2012 collection and was showcased this year at London Fashion Week, where Lana sat front row clutching her namesake bag with a big grin. Of the assortment of dark, intense colors the bag comes in (black, burgundy, navy, etc), Lana was seen clutching the White Ostrich box-shaped del Rey.

In spite of her disastrous SNL performance and the hipster blogs that hate the singer for creating a manufactured image they feel is targeted towards them, Lana’s album is a smash hit. Not only does her dreamy, soothing music have a large following, her fashion sense has also skyrocketed her to fame. If her Youtube account is any sign of Lana’s ability to sway people in her favor, you’ll be spotting many more fashionistas sporting the del Rey coming this May.


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