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Candy Birkin bag in Lime

It’s been said before so many times but we’ll say it again – while Kim’s been toasting a bun in her oven, Khloe has been getting hotter and hotter. The statuesque celebrity sister of Kim Kardashian has been seriously impressing us with her street style looks.

Her Guiseppe Zanotti heels are always to die for. The stillettos she picks are always jewel encrusted and jaw-dropping beautiful. However, we have noticed something strange about her handbags. More often than not, they’re bags sister Kim has worn long ago, like this Hermes Candy Birkin in Lime. Her ability to recycle these bags just makes us like her more. After Kim threw out nearly her entire wardrobe at Kanye’s behest, at least someone had the sense to salvage the goodies.

Calabasas_Ca_July_5_2013 Hermes 35cm Candy Birkin bag in Lime2


There’s a reason why one of the characters from the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez flick Gigli kept asking to go see “Baywatch” at the beach. The classic hit show is a staple of early 90’s pop culture. That’s why people still know who Pamela Anderson is even though she hasn’t been in a film for ages. Apparently she’s doing well and is fit and healthy in spite of her Hep C diagnosis.

And in spite of being out of work, she’s doing well enough to afford a extravagantly expensive Hermes Birkin handbag. Not to snark, but it actually does help make her look less bleach blonde and more Hollywood. That may be why she’s holding it in front of herself…to flaunt it more.

We recently did a post on Kyle Richards, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sister to Paris and Nicky Hiton’s mom, the cool aunt loves to party with her nieces. The entire clan is known for their love of Chanel bags. As wealthy as they are, it’s not often that they’re spotted with anything else, even though there’s nothing they can’t afford. 

You can count on seeing any of them with a Chanel bag. Kyle likes to party with a silver Chanel flap bag but she’s often spotted with her Chanel Cerf in beige. When she’s out shopping or running errands with her younger kids, this is the bag you’re likely to spot her with. Lady Gaga has the same bag in black. It’s actually no less glam than a Birkin if you dress the part.


The Celine Phantom Luggage Tote

Tamara Ecclestone is definitely one of the luckiest ladies on Earth — nay, one of the luckiest humans on the planet. The billionaire heiress has billions of her own to flaunt around. She has a near 100 million dollar house in London and is on her way to purchasing one in America. Walt Disney’s former mansion to be exact. Her Birkin bag collection totals to several hundred thousand dollars, so whenever we see her in public, she’s usually carrying one of those in every color under the sun. 

Lately, she’s been spotted with Celine. You know when the woman with the most Birkins on Earth starts leaving hers at home that the trend is shifting away to another brand. Celine has without a doubt, become the most trendy bag in the fashion world. These days, nearly every celeb seen in public is carrying one. This is the Celine Luggage bag in a pink color so bright it’s nearly red. We like! 

Roger Vivier Boite de Nuit Clutch

We, like the rest of the world, love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s quirky, funny, and totally uninhibited. Mostly known for The Hunger Games, Miss Jennifer Lawrence just won her first Oscar for her acting in Silver Linings Playbook alongside the gorgeous Bradley Cooper. Lawrence always wears fashion forward clothing, while keeping it classy and casual.

Recently Jennifer Lawrence was named the face of Dior. So now she usually wears Dior gowns at red carpet events. We’re not too thrilled since most of her dresses look the same now. In fact, didn’t see wear one just like this a few weeks ago in red? Anyhow, her Roger Vivier Boite de Nuit clutch is simply fabulous. It is a completely shiny silver clutch that goes perfectly with her Dior gown.

Christian Dior horn handle clutch

We love Natalie Portman. We have since Star Wars all those years ago. Perhaps its because of her amazing acting. Or maybe its just because of her youthful smile. Whatever the reason, Natalie Portman never disappoints with her style. She is usually pretty down to earth and casual while out and about on the town. At red carpet events, however, she has a very poised, clean cut, girly look.

If you watched the Oscars, you had to follow up to the Vanity Fair party! Pictured above is Natalie Portman in a gorgeous white floor length gown, Christian Louboutin pumps, and carrying a gorgeous Christian Dior horn handle clutch. Can we just say that we love how Natalie paired her white dress with white pumps that had a red sole? How very chic of her. But what we really adore about her outfit is her very unique bag. Portman’s bag has a horn handle instead of no handle or a loop as a normal clutch. It makes the whole look totally runway worthy!

Kirstie Alley

We all remember when Kirstie Alley fell off of the bandwagon and gained a lot of weight. This is when she became “Fat Actress”. However, in the picture above Kirstie Alley looks very well put together. Her hair looks fabulous. Her outfit is sleek, edgy, and matches– but not too much! We absolutely love how her bag pulls the whole outfit together.

The bag Kirstie is toting aroung NYC, is the Celine Luggage Tote. What makes this Celine so different is that the front of the bag is blue snakeskin instead of leather. The blue, cream, and black colors of the bag make it very glamorous, edgy, and unique. The bag retails for around $2,700.

Black and Metallic Gold Jimmy Choo Encelope Clutch

Did you watch the Grammy’s? Well, don’t worry if you didn’t, we’ll give you the whole scoop on who wore what! J-Lo always has every fashion critic’s eye on her when she goes to a red carpet event. Pictured above at the 2013 Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez is wearing an Anthony Vaccarello gown with a huge slit down the side, Neil Lane for Forevermark jewels, and a Jimmy Choo Envelope Clutch. Although we love J-Lo and her style, this particular dress was a let down. The slit was way too high, maybe a way to get back at CBS for their appropriate clothing memo. Who knows?

The Jimmy Choo Envelope Clutch however, was one of our favorite clutches on the runway. The two toned clutch has a black base, with a metallic gold envelope flap. This makes it perfect for any party outfit. Pair this clutch with a sexy black dress, metallic jewelry, and killer heels, and everyone’s eyes will be glued to you!

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian was spotted at an LA Clippers game with mom Kris Jenner. The family used to be OBSESSED with Birkin bags by Hermes. Once on a trip to Paris, Kim Kardashian and mom Kris spent upwards of 100,000 DOLLARS on Birkin bags. All the same shape and design, just different colors. That’s just an example of how overboard this moneyed clan goes when they decide they like something. 

These days their obsession is Celine. It’s all about Celine. It’s the one brand you’ll see mom or any of the five sisters carrying. It’s the one brand they gifted each other the most on Christmas and uploaded a series of pics of on Instagram. And this particular Celine bag is one that Khloe has been spotted with before, which we’ve blogged about. The interesting thing about the bag is not the wings that fan out similar to the Phantom Celine but the color blocking. The suede blue goes really well with the black and brown and complements her outfit nicely. This is one obsession we really understand.  

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo. We’re not exactly sure what she does, but we do know she’s a VIP in the fashion industry. Her icy stare and minimal dialogue in The City makes her come across as a mini Anna Wintour, who’s currently on a long run as Editor in Chief of Vogue USA, making her one of, if not the most recognizable faces of fashion. 

Olivia is most often seen carrying two bags – her Birkin and this Givenchy Antigona bag. This appears to be a little less shiny than the actual crocodile leather Antigona, which is far more glossy. This may in fact be the croc-embossed leather version in the medium size. That doesn’t make it look any less elite and elusive. This is one intimidating, fierce bag. 

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