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 Supermodel Hilary Rhoda was spotted at a red carpet event with this Marc Jacobs chain bag. It looks very casual but by tucking away the strap, she made it look like a clutch. The beige color is quite convenient because even though you can tell the bag is upscale, it doesn’t draw attention away from the look. Whether your bag is extremely eye-catching or just really unattractive, either way, it detracts from the look. 
The exact name is the Eugenie Quilted Leather Clutch but it can double as an over the shoulder bag. Marc Jacobs’ brand is known for his modern, simple designs. Unfortunately, he was in the headlines recently because famous model Coco Rocha slammed him for not paying runway models. Apparently, models get paid not with cash but with a few clothing or accessory freebies. Would you be willing to get paid in designer labels? 

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