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Nicky Hilton Celine Trapeze bag

Nicky Hilton’s Celine Trapeze bag is such utter perfection that if we had to pick only one black bag to ever have, this one may just have to be it. The clean cut surface on the front with the whimsical flaps protruding on the sides make it classic and elegantly quirky. It’s the type of bag that’s never going to look out of style. 

The metal clasp in the front is the cherry on top for this bag. The lack of frills, trims and complementing colors means this bag was designed so well that it can carry its own without having to call for backup. Our New Year’s resolution is to get our hands on this baby, how about you?

We’ve become tired of seeing the Kardashian Klan stepping out holding the same bags over and over again. Always a Chanel flap bag, a Celine Phantom or a Birkin. For once, Khloe was spotted with a bag we haven’t seen many celebs holding as of yet. 

Whether she’s trying to distract reality show viewers from news of her baby drama, hubby/divorce drama or weight issues, Khloe is still the most liked member of her family. Her appearance doesn’t induce as much vitriol from the public as the rest of her family does (people hate on Kim, Scott, Kris and even Kourtney a lot more.)

It’s nice to see Khloe adopt a little more individuality in her sense of style. This bag is made of signature lambskin and has the classic CC closure along with a removable long chain strap.  Kourtney seems to be holding the medium sized bag, which can also be bought in small.  The rectangular shape is not the type to become saggy as other bags do. The clutch has enhanced versatility due to the chain around detail. The shape is perfect for those who want something bigger than a clutch but not so big that it becomes a burden to carry, like a large flap bag or tote. 

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