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Amanda Seyfried spotted with Bottega Veneta

Amanda Seyfriend popped in at BBC Radio 1 to talk about her hugely buzzed about film, Lovelace. The wide eyed Hollywood starlet was carrying a very versatile Bottega Veneta Intreciatto Nappa Tote bag. The simple and elegant bag has a long name but maybe that’s just an Italian thing. The Intreciatto Tote for short has a rectangular duffle shape. The woven leather is actually the brand’s iconic look and is often splashed around in advertisements for Vogue, where Julianne Moore acts as the brand spokesmodel. A fun fact about this Bottega Veneta beauty is that it comes with a lock and key. Not only do you not have to worry about having your stuff fall out, you can feel safe leaving it unattended for a few minutes. 


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