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Roger Vivier Boite de Nuit Clutch

We, like the rest of the world, love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s quirky, funny, and totally uninhibited. Mostly known for The Hunger Games, Miss Jennifer Lawrence just won her first Oscar for her acting in Silver Linings Playbook alongside the gorgeous Bradley Cooper. Lawrence always wears fashion forward clothing, while keeping it classy and casual.

Recently Jennifer Lawrence was named the face of Dior. So now she usually wears Dior gowns at red carpet events. We’re not too thrilled since most of her dresses look the same now. In fact, didn’t see wear one just like this a few weeks ago in red? Anyhow, her Roger Vivier Boite de Nuit clutch is simply fabulous. It is a completely shiny silver clutch that goes perfectly with her Dior gown.

Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s new Kristen Stewart. Many women and girls are still obsessed with Twilight but there are just as many girls out there who love a fiercer, stronger heroine. Jennifer is also more adaptable than Kristen. Aside from action flicks for girls, she’s also done horror, drama, romance and comedy. She’s a flexible actress who’s very talented for her age and she’s also friendlier and more enthusiastic about her career in interviews. 

It’s no surprise that when she steps out, you don’t see any sourpuss frowns on her face. She also doesn’t look like she’s been forced to wear fancy clothes at gunpoint, like Stewart often does. Here Jennifer is dressed head to toe in a major fashion brand, Dior.  

The two handbags she’s carrying are both Dior, called the Miss Dior Flap Bag. Both are the same style but in different colors and hardware. The bag comes in small and medium sizes (no jumbo as with the Chanel chain bag) and with short and long chains.  The hardware is usually silver but gold has also been spotted on variations of the bag. Think Jennifer did well pairing these bags with her outfits?

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