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Snooki looking like a bag lady

She’s famous because she’s so easy to make fun of and she must like it that way… why else would she go out looking like this?

Snooki is cluttered with so many accessories it’s hard to identify them all. We know she’s wearing a Burberry scarf and what looks to be an Ed Hardy sweat suit. Snooki is carrying at least 4 bags; a hello kitty tote, a juicy couture bag and a what looks to be a basket from the wizard of oz… let’s hope she didn’t eat Toto

Juicy Couture NEW Wireless MouseSure, Juicy Couture is over the top, They have lots of frilly options and don’t forget their tech peripherals nor do they stick you with a plain black laptop bag.

In any case, the company that doesn’t hold back has created a Pink Wireless Mouse ($55).

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