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Kendall Jenner is quickly growing up to be one of the world’s most recognizable models. The funny thing is, she’s not recognizable due to her modeling work, she’s recognizable for being a model while being a Kardashian. Either way, it may balance out pretty soon because the who’s who of the entire fashion world was at sister Kim’s wedding. Kendall’s Instagram style has morphed along with her newfound fame. Instead of doing basic poses, the photos she tweeted out of herself at the wedding were the likes of what you’d see in Vanity Fair, plus a filter. If you had any doubts, she’s currently in Vogue Italia. Her rapidly rising star is one of the reasons why she’s gone from having just one designer bag (the Celine) to all kinds. This one’s the Balenciaga City bag, which has been spotted on celeb arms well before Kendall was even on a TV show. 

If there’s any kind of new Chanel or Celine handbag, you can be sure at least one of the Kardashians already have it. Here, Kourtney uses the Celine Knot tote as a luggage tote to stuff in a few things on her way to the airport. Their use of designer bags used to be a little different back in the day. They would hold it up to show it off, Paris Hilton style. These days they just carry them around like they mean nothing, don’t they?

This famous family has gone from being ridiculed for their ties to trash reality tv to being all the way at the top. The world’s most renowned designers and fashion editors of different European Vogues were present at Kim Kardashian’s wedding. It just goes to show that if you have enough money, beauty and a team of people dressing you and doing your hair and makeup to make you look your best, you really can climb your way to the top. Being born into it is no longer necessary….except Kim may not have been royalty, but she was born into immense wealth. The clan grew up in Calabasas, which is one of the wealthiest areas of California after Beverly Hills. That puts a damper on our rags to riches story. 

Kylie Jenner
This season, Kim Kardashian has been utterly obsessed with draping extremely large and luxurious jackets over her shoulders. This is a thing in the fashion world because magazine editors and bloggers want to show of their outerwear while it’s still warm. That’s why they’ll half-heartedly wear a jacket. Kim’s been trying very hard to get in with the fashion world because it’s important to hubby Kanye. Naturally, whatever big sister Kim does, little sisters have to try out too. The hair, the makeup, the bags and even the little things Kim does get copied. Which isn’t necessarily a bag thing because little sister Kylie looks pretty glam. It’s just too bad she usually dresses like she’s also in her 30’s like Kim when she’s really just a young teen!


The Kardashians are no stranger to shocking photoshoots. After all, it’s a must for any pop star or reality star. Miley Cyrus’s father landed in hot water for letting Miley pose naked under a sheet as a 13 year old for Rolling Stone. Britney Spears skyrocketed to fame after dressing as a “sexy schoolgirl” for her first music video when she was actually an underage schoolgirl.

But the Kardashians are a little more quirky when it comes to pushing sexual boundaries. They do “sexy shoots” as a family. When Kim posed for Playboy, her mother Kris was standing behind the scenes as Kim bared all. Later on, it inspired Kris to do her own Playboy shoot! Now the entire clan is doing a sexy beach shoot but the risque part is how young Kendall (18) and Kylie (16) are wearing the most sexually suggestive outfits. Are the older Kardashians a bad influence?

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner recently turned 16 and turned to Instagram to show off her birthday surprise – a $125,000 new Mercedes SUV given to her by mom Kris Jenner. We all know Kylie has a massive love for Celine handbags and was spotted with a mini Celine Luggage tote as well. Normally, she’s seen with either a black or red Celine in the medium size. Because she wears a lot of black, it makes sense that her favorite bags are black too. Now everything is color coordinated, even her new car!

Kylie Jenner New Mercedes

Kardashian Family Portrait

Kylie Jenner

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – it’s so shocking that Kylie Jenner is only 15! The way she dresses makes her look at least 25. Don’t get us wrong, she looks amazing. Just TOO amazing. Big hair, sexy midriff, exposed ample cleavage…it’s way over the top for someone who should still get to have simple fun like the kid she is. Too bad mom Kris encourages her daughters to bank on their sexuality.

Age-appropriateness aside, Kylie still looks really good. She has enough fashion sense to pair her red Celine bag with all black outfits, amplifying the drama of her outfits.

We’ve become tired of seeing the Kardashian Klan stepping out holding the same bags over and over again. Always a Chanel flap bag, a Celine Phantom or a Birkin. For once, Khloe was spotted with a bag we haven’t seen many celebs holding as of yet. 

Whether she’s trying to distract reality show viewers from news of her baby drama, hubby/divorce drama or weight issues, Khloe is still the most liked member of her family. Her appearance doesn’t induce as much vitriol from the public as the rest of her family does (people hate on Kim, Scott, Kris and even Kourtney a lot more.)

It’s nice to see Khloe adopt a little more individuality in her sense of style. This bag is made of signature lambskin and has the classic CC closure along with a removable long chain strap.  Kourtney seems to be holding the medium sized bag, which can also be bought in small.  The rectangular shape is not the type to become saggy as other bags do. The clutch has enhanced versatility due to the chain around detail. The shape is perfect for those who want something bigger than a clutch but not so big that it becomes a burden to carry, like a large flap bag or tote. 

The Kardashians go through phases when it comes to fashion obsessions. A while ago, it was the Chanel Flap Bag. Then it was Hermes Hermes Hermes – Birkins in every color for every Kardashian! Lately we’ve been spotting the Klan carrying a lot of Celine. 

Kourtney carried a Celine Mini Luggage Tote for a great deal of her pregnancy. Kanye, an honorary Kardashian, has even rapped about Celine designer Phoebe Philo. Here Kim carries the Celine Beige Trio bag.

The sisters were spotted in Miami and we all know that when the weather is warm and one’s skin is a glowing tan, white clothes look great. And what goes great with white clothes? A beige bag to match the tan. Kim’s demure and stylish look is an improvement in comparison to some of the looks she’s been sporting lately. This bag is not only cute but very versatile. 

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