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Kate Hudson's Chanel Bag

Kate Hudson, one of Hollywood’s elite, just can’t get enough of her black Jumbo Flap Chanel bag. This A-lister has won the hearts of millions all over America with her movies like How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Bridesmaids, and Almost Famous. She’s been in the public eye her whole life because of her mom, Goldie Hawn. But, despite always being scrutinized for every step she takes,Hudson has managed to have a great public image. Her style off the red carpet is casual, chic and simple.

Looking at Kate Hudson’s picture above, you can see she’s a fan of simplicity. This is precisely what makes her so beautiful. Even without fifty layers of makeup and hair product, and a five thousand dollar dress, Hudson never fails to impress! One bag that we’ve seen her with multiple times is her Jumbo Flap Chanel Bag. This bag, larger than the standard Chanel bag, is elegant and chic. It goes with your everyday look, and with your party attire. Pair this bag with just about anything and you’re good to go!

Kate Hudson’s Ralph Lauren Fringe Bag

It’s rare to see celebrities carry the same bag over and over again, but Kate Hudson sure has picked a winner. Kate has been seen carrying this gorgeous hippie-chic Ralph Lauren Suede Fringe Bag again and again. This type of tote is great for two reason: first, it fits Kate’s laid-back personality and second, with a boho-chic look dominating fashion for the sixth year in a row, it’s still a very “now” purse. While Kate’s exact bag isn’t available anymore, you can get a similar look at Ralph Lauren for only $450.

Kate Hudson Flies in Style with Her Stella McCartney Purse

Talk about accessorizing to the max. Kate Hudson hit the airport wearing on-trend over-the-knee boots, a houndstooth scarf, fedora, and a black Stella McCartney City Chain Purse. Hudson and McCartney are pals, so it’s no surprise to see the “Nine” star giving her bud some love – especially when the chain-trimmed handbag is so darn cute!


Kate Hudson supported boyfriend Alex Rodriguez (still scratching my head over that one) and the New York Yankees as they made the playoff rounds. Personally, I’m a bigger fan of her fierce Stella McCartney City Chain Tote, which sports a modern chain detail along its perimeter. Stella and Kate are pals, too, so I just bet she got that beauty for free (at least discounted). Some girls have all the luck.

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