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Kate Moss Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag
It’s no secret that legendary beauty Kate Moss loves wearing black. She also happens to love black leather. That’s why the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag is so perfect for her. The leather couldn’t look more luxurious. This bag is also much-loved by another A Lister – Angelina Jolie. Both these ladies are more loyal to their handbag choices than most ladies. Kate’s been spotted carrying the bag on more than a few occasions. She loves to pair it with an equally stunning leather jacket or black leather skinny jeans. This is how one works an all-black handbag!


It’s strange to see Kate Moss not only smiling but carrying a tote as colorful as this one. Could the rebellious model have found true inner peace? With the right outfit and accessories, it seems you really can reach zen.

The outfit is actually genius. A gray dress that is loosely fitted to enjoy the summer breeze and stiletto booties fit for a model create an edgy look. The Balenciaga Python A4 Tote bag adds all the color the look needs, making it seasonally appropriate.


eva mendes

Eva And Ryan
Eva Mendes recently appeared in the indie flick The Place Beyond The Pines co-starring along Ryan Gosling. The couple met on the set of the movie and have been together since, kinda like a younger Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie coupling minus the Jen Aniston. He gets the Brad Pitt reference because there’s no guy who’s sent as many female hearts-a-fluttering since and Eva can be Angelina in this scenario because of her smoldering good looks.

Both have a penchant for smaller, independent films rather than big blockbusters. However, that hasn’t diminished their fan base any. They seem to have fallen for each other pretty hard, with Eva frequently seen walking the dog Ryan’s had since what seem to be his Notebook Days.  Not only was she seen walking his dog, she was seen doing it while wearing the Matryoshka bag by Carolina Herrera. The bag comes in so many different sizes that it was named after the Russian dolls that contain a series of smaller dolls inside. We’ve seen a leopard print version of the bag on Dianna Agron and Kate Moss. Frankly, that version is more stylish. Scroll to older posts to take a look.

Dianna Agron

The “Matryoshka” bag, named for the Matryoshka Russian doll to represent how elegant and sophisticated CH Carolina Herrera’s designer bag is. The relaxed form and structureless look of the bag gives you so many possibilities in the way you carry it and what you use it for. Originally made with soft basswood, its now made with delicate napa leather. Since there are usually five identical Russian dolls in the set, this bag also comes in five sizes. Pretty cute concept. 

Not only is Glee start Dianna Agron a fan, Kate Moss is as well. I’d say that’s pretty good company if you’re looking for a stylish handbag. Stylists often advise that the way to tell  whether an animal print bag is tacky or glamorous is to look at the size of the spots. If they’re realistic instead of oversized, it passes. This one’s definitely on the classy side. 

Kate Moss 

kate moss duffle bag

Kate Moss was spotted with the new Saint Laurent 24 Duffle bag while out on a stroll with her husband (cute to see how close those two are!) Sometimes boho chic, sometimes upstreet, lately Kate can’t get enough of the latest designer bags. She’s sometimes spotted with them while they’re so hot off the runway that they aren’t even in stores yet, like in case of the Mulberry. If the world wasn’t envious enough of her riches, women all over must be drooling over her sway on design houses, who give her all their latest goods in the hopes of seeing her carrying them in public. 

Hedi Slimane is the new Creative Director for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house as of 2010. The first thing he did to announce his new job title was to remove the iconic “yves” in Yves Saint Laurent handbags and people were not happy. The Chyc bags are going to keep being sold with the logo but the other ones are missing the YSL gold. While flaunting the brand all over the bag isn’t appealing to everyone, there’s no harm in a little visible logo. This is one of his newest bags without the pretty YSL. The picture below is a reminder of what you’re missing. If you can, stock up on logo-ed bags while you can, before they run out forever. Without the old logo, there’s not much to tell this bag apart from a Mulberry or Prada tote.

Kate Moss Handbag

Kate Moss is no longer a runway model (aside from her stunning post-Olympics event run with Naomi Campbell and other greats), but she’s still seen sitting front row at shows and other fashion events. What designer wouldn’t to have her present? She’s a living, walking, talking fashion icon. 

After this 2013 Mulberry show, she was the first one spotted carrying the Mulberry Willow tote overnight. Lesser mortals actually have to wait until the season arrives months later and the bags are stocked by stores. Lana del Rey, seated to her left, also received the honor of a Mulberry bag named after her but we like Kate’s bag better. It has a detachable clutch on the front, which is the coolest thing we’ve seen in bags for a while. It’s like a large front pocket but whenever you want, it can be zipped off and held as a clutch. See the picture of Kate on the left? We initially thought she was carrying two Mulberry bags but that’s just the clutch. Pretty neat.


Kate Moss is so revered in the world of fashion that nothing ever manages to bring her down – an outlaw ex, a massive cocaine scandal, age, wrinkles, not even belly flab, and we all know how the high priestesses of fashion look down on any flaws. Kate, however, is untouchable. She’s doing as well as ever and she’s become the first celeb to be seen toting this Mulberry bag, which isn’t even on the market yet. 

Less than 24 hours after the bag made it’s debut in London for Mulberry’s Spring 2013 show, Kate was spotted out and about with it on her arm. Us mere mortals haven’t even fully sorted our fall 2012 wardrobes yet. It’s called the Willow tote and the look is of crocodile leather. Hmm, fancy. You guys like? 

Kate Moss Smoking on the Catwalk at Louis Vuitton Show

Kate Moss makes a surprise appearance on the catwalk at the Louis Vuitton Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2011 show at the Carre du Louvre during Paris Fahion Week.

Kate Moss stormed down the catwalk in black shorts and laced-up boots at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris, with one distinctive accessory: a lit cigarette. She made quite the statement–for national anti-smoking day.

The show, which Marc Jacobs said aimed to reflect woman’s freedom of expression, has led to a controversy that’s more about politics than handbags. Her rebellion follows the U.K.’s plans to introduce plain packaged cigarettes hidden from display. Though it might just have been Kate’s successful attempt to steal the limelight.

March 9, 2011 – Photos by Bauer Griffin

Kate Moss Works the Fringe with Her Genevieve Jones Purse

Move over, Johnny Cash. Kate Moss has adopted head-to-toe black judging by this hard-core monochrome outfit. And no surprise, she added her favorite fringed Genevieve Jones handbag for extra measure. The outfit isn’t very memorable, but the purse is pure Kate.

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