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Kylie Jenner

These past two years, we’ve seen a very noticeable change in which Kardashians get the most publicity. It appears that less and less people care about Kourtney and Scott’s relationship problems or Khloe and Lamar’s marriage. However, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, baby stepsisters to the Kardashians are the latest it girls. We were expecting it to take a few more years before they eclipsed their elder sisters but these two began to rise to the top as young as 12 and 13. 


We also know that the entire Kardashian Klan is absolutely OBSESSED with handbags and sharing them. With this many women in the family, they’re constantly swapping, borrowing or gifting each other handbags. Formerly Hermes obsessed, the whole Klan has jumped ship to Celine. Recently spotted with this red Celine tote in L.A., Kylie also tweeted the TWO Celine totes she got as gifts from her elder sisters for Christmas. These girls are only happy when they have every It bag in every color.

Image via Kylie's Twitter

It’s nice to see Kim step out with something other than her usual arm candy of Hermes or Chanel handbags. The glam reality star loves her neutral pieces in beige and black but always keeps her designer brands big and flashy. Since Kim only carries big name brands, it’s only natural that she be spotted with a Celine Beige Phantom Bag in Suede.

There are so many hot variations of this shape in different sizes and colors that just about everyone can find what they like. This year the Celine bag line keeps getting bigger and better with the colorblocking on the Celine luggage totes and the stunning white python Celine Cabas Phantom. Pretty soon mid-level brands will be churning out copies of Celine bags, trying their best to imitate the shape. Until then, bag-obsessed fashionistas have a style truly unique from all else that is available in local malls!

Kim Totes Classic Black Birkin To Paris
Kim Kardashian looked ecstatic in a “I look good and I know it” way as she arrived in Paris for Fashion week. And look good she does, with her peeptoe booties, well fitted skinny jeans and sexy leather jacket. The aviators look super cool on the star and the gold necklace adds the exotic vibe Kim is known for.

There’s no denying that the fit and fab lady was dressed to kill. Most people just hop on the plane wearing a comfy hoodie and track pants, but there’s no such thing as casual for Kim.

For all we know, she changes into Juicy Couture sweats once on board and gets some ZZZs. She probably needs as much shut eye as she can get — she’s always jet setting between various cosmopolitan cities. The only place she wasn’t happy traveling to was Kris Humphries small Minnesota hometown!

Even when the famous reality star goes to the gym, she stuffs her personal work out equipment in a large black Hermes Birkin, a little bit like this Birkin she’s carrying. The difference is, this one’s being treated a little better and not being jam packed as if it’s a plain gym tote. Maybe it’s extra sheen gets it a little extra attention and TLC from the raven haired beauty?


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