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Kim Kardashian
If you’ve been wondering why there have been so few posts about Kim lately, it’s because she’s been in hiding for months now. When the reality star gained a lot of weight because of her pregnancy, she disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. About a month ago, she gave birth but chose to stay out of the spotlight. Word is, she didn’t want to be seen until she got down to 115 pounds. After a year of being hounded by gossip rags for being overweight, it sounds like the perfect revenge. After all, the Kim is known for being beautiful and having a stunning body – that’s why she became famous in the first place. 

Unfortunately for her Vogue “Baby and Me” cover plans, paparazzi caught her and boyfriend Kanye on a trip to the hospital. Kim was carrying a huge Birkin as a diaper bag. Known for using extremely expensive Hermes totes as beach bags and gym totes, this isn’t out of the ordinary for Kim. It just makes us mere mortals gasp at the excess of it all. Here’s Kim with an oversize Hermes in the past:



Every time someone reminds us that Kylie Jenner is only 15, we’re still a little shocked. The two younger sisters – Kylie and Kendall seemed glued at the hip about a year ago. But then taller, slimmer Kendall flew the coop and decided to become a runway model. Since Kylie’s a couple of inches too short, she decided to become a “personality” instead, like the rest of her family.

The young reality star seems to be following in her sisters’ footsteps, tweeting shockingly revealing and sexualized images of herself in skimpy bikinis. However, it’s possible that her style could evolve to be better than Kendall’s, who wears whatever will make her look skinny or like a VS model. Kylie doesn’t have model legs but she is getting the hang of looking like a celeb, practicing with the Celine bag she was given by her family as a Christmas present this past holiday season.

Candy Birkin bag in Lime

It’s been said before so many times but we’ll say it again – while Kim’s been toasting a bun in her oven, Khloe has been getting hotter and hotter. The statuesque celebrity sister of Kim Kardashian has been seriously impressing us with her street style looks.

Her Guiseppe Zanotti heels are always to die for. The stillettos she picks are always jewel encrusted and jaw-dropping beautiful. However, we have noticed something strange about her handbags. More often than not, they’re bags sister Kim has worn long ago, like this Hermes Candy Birkin in Lime. Her ability to recycle these bags just makes us like her more. After Kim threw out nearly her entire wardrobe at Kanye’s behest, at least someone had the sense to salvage the goodies.

Calabasas_Ca_July_5_2013 Hermes 35cm Candy Birkin bag in Lime2

Khloe Kardashian
We’ve been seeing less and less of Phantom Celines and more of the Luggage style Celines lately. Even Gwyneth Paltrow was recently spotted in New York with a black and cream white Luggage Celine, which means the style is still highbrow and not reality star status only. This particular color-blocked version matches perfectly with Khloe’s outfit, which is a good thing if you love all aspects of every outfit to be very matchy-matchy. 

Lately we don’t see too much of Kim Kardashian out and about anymore but the lack of a “hot Kardashian” in the legal age group seems to have inspired Khloe to lose weight and become the replacement.

Kim K & Her Balenciaga Suede City bag

Kim Kardashian doesn’t always hit the right notes with her outfits, but we just adore this particular one. For once she is covered up, excluding the fact that she’s practically spilling out of her shirt, and she has kept it simple. This ensemble is perfect for travelling, which is what this Kardashian was doing when she was spotted at the airport. We’d choose comfy shoes over heels, but we don’t think we’ve ever seen Kim K without her stilettos.

However, we cannot take our eyes off of Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous bag. This Balenciaga bag, made out of the best quality suede, retails for approximately $1,500. The bag is big in size, and style, so it is fashionable and functional. It is perfect for day to day tasks, running errands, and traveling.

KK & lamb skin back pack

chanel backpack

Kim Kardashian has no good reason to real reason to be smiling. Her nondescript outfit is spotted on every other girl in airports around the world, many of whom are in better shape. It seems like she doesn’t really care how she looks though – because although she’s done up from head to toe 90% of the time, the rest of the time she just wants to relax in comfy clothes and no makeup. 

The vintage Chanel backpack is an unusual accessory for her to be spotted with because she’s usually sophisticated glam and this is a lot more lighthearted a bag. It’s a true vintage piece so if you wanted this bag, you’d have to search far and wide in upscale vintage shops. Or more likely, she took it from mom Kris Jenner’s expensive 90’s wardrobe. Either way, the gold version of the bag is way more eye-catching. What do you think?


Kylie Jenner

These past two years, we’ve seen a very noticeable change in which Kardashians get the most publicity. It appears that less and less people care about Kourtney and Scott’s relationship problems or Khloe and Lamar’s marriage. However, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, baby stepsisters to the Kardashians are the latest it girls. We were expecting it to take a few more years before they eclipsed their elder sisters but these two began to rise to the top as young as 12 and 13. 


We also know that the entire Kardashian Klan is absolutely OBSESSED with handbags and sharing them. With this many women in the family, they’re constantly swapping, borrowing or gifting each other handbags. Formerly Hermes obsessed, the whole Klan has jumped ship to Celine. Recently spotted with this red Celine tote in L.A., Kylie also tweeted the TWO Celine totes she got as gifts from her elder sisters for Christmas. These girls are only happy when they have every It bag in every color.

Image via Kylie's Twitter

It’s nice to see Kim step out with something other than her usual arm candy of Hermes or Chanel handbags. The glam reality star loves her neutral pieces in beige and black but always keeps her designer brands big and flashy. Since Kim only carries big name brands, it’s only natural that she be spotted with a Celine Beige Phantom Bag in Suede.

There are so many hot variations of this shape in different sizes and colors that just about everyone can find what they like. This year the Celine bag line keeps getting bigger and better with the colorblocking on the Celine luggage totes and the stunning white python Celine Cabas Phantom. Pretty soon mid-level brands will be churning out copies of Celine bags, trying their best to imitate the shape. Until then, bag-obsessed fashionistas have a style truly unique from all else that is available in local malls!

Kim Totes Classic Black Birkin To Paris
Kim Kardashian looked ecstatic in a “I look good and I know it” way as she arrived in Paris for Fashion week. And look good she does, with her peeptoe booties, well fitted skinny jeans and sexy leather jacket. The aviators look super cool on the star and the gold necklace adds the exotic vibe Kim is known for.

There’s no denying that the fit and fab lady was dressed to kill. Most people just hop on the plane wearing a comfy hoodie and track pants, but there’s no such thing as casual for Kim.

For all we know, she changes into Juicy Couture sweats once on board and gets some ZZZs. She probably needs as much shut eye as she can get — she’s always jet setting between various cosmopolitan cities. The only place she wasn’t happy traveling to was Kris Humphries small Minnesota hometown!

Even when the famous reality star goes to the gym, she stuffs her personal work out equipment in a large black Hermes Birkin, a little bit like this Birkin she’s carrying. The difference is, this one’s being treated a little better and not being jam packed as if it’s a plain gym tote. Maybe it’s extra sheen gets it a little extra attention and TLC from the raven haired beauty?


Kim Kardashian Carries Her Favorite Brand Chanel

When Kim K first showed up on the Hollywood scene, she wasn’t quite what you’d call…classy. The Paris Hilton sidekick was always a knockout beauty with her ample curves, long raven hair and beautiful face, but her skin tight dresses and club style wasn’t elegant. Flash forward a few years later and Kim has done her best to turn her image around. 

Gone are the bandage dresses (well, almost) and tacky cheetah prints. Now Kim loves toting around countless Chanel and Birkin bags. This nude classic Chanel flapback is one of her favorites. If you weren’t convinced, she’s been seen carrying it on many occasions.  A notorious shopaholic, it really means something when Kim will wear something multiple times. Usually, she carries a trend and then moves on.

You can’t blame her for sticking with this Chanel bag. Of all the flapback colors one can buy, the nude and black classic Chanel have got to be the most stylish. These can be worn with just about anything and will never look passe. Even Nine West has made a really great nude chanel flapback inspired bag. 

Kim Kardashian Carries One of Her Favorite Brands


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