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Kim Kardashian grocery shopping with Jimmy Choo, Louboutin & Alexander McQueen

Kim Kardashian was spotted with her sister Kourtney hitting up a local Health Food market in the East Village while filming her new reality television show.

Kim looked fabulous wearing a rich red sleeveless dress with a cut out peplum and pleated A-line skirt from the Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2011 collection.

Kim paired her chic dress with a Jimmy Choo “Candy” clutch and snakeskin mary jane platform pumps by Christian Louboutin.

Kourtney Kardashian Parties Las Vegas with Balenciaga

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted at the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas carrying her Balenciaga Giant City Tote this past Saturday night (March 26) to attend a friend’s bachelorette party.

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Although I’m just about as big a Balenciaga fangirl as you’re likely to find in most corners of the Internet, my knowledge of the brand’s designs isn’t comprehensive. I know that what Kourtney Kardashian is carrying in these photos is indeed a Balenciaga bag, but I’m not sure where it’s called or when it was released.

The bag rings a few bells, but for some reason, I’m thinking that it’s older, which seems to be supported by the fact that it’s not represented on he brand’s website. In that case, has Kourtney been a fellow Balenciaga fangirl for some time? Did she raid Kim’s closet for a stylish diaper bag? A little bit of both? Who’s to say, but it looks as though it’s hauling a relatively full load quite well. And between the bag and the baby, it’s probably a good idea that Kourt wore some flats – Chanel Ballet Flats, naturally.

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Kourtney Kardashian with Balenciaga

Yesterday Kourtney Kardashian stopped by Mann Brothers in Los Angeles carrying her Balenciaga City with Giant Gold Hardware. The reality TV starlet got her maternity clothes in a bunch when a group of photogs tried to snap photos of her shopping for paint. Kourtney asked store personnel to close to doors so the paps couldn’t watch her, and when she went to her car afterwards, she got a little bit snippy about being followed.



Sometimes I wonder why I love the Kardashian sisters so much, despite their continued display of reasons why I shouldn’t. And, I mean, there are myriad reasons that I should reconsider, probably. None of them have displayed any particular type of talent, but I find them sort of oddly charming, despite any quickie marriages or douchey baby daddies or what have you.

But it occurred to me while looking at these pictures of Kourtney Kardashian carrying a Balenciaga City with Giant Gold Hardware that maybe I like them so much because we share a common adoration for Balenciaga handbags. We catch them carrying Balenciaga bags constantly, and in a perfect world, the same would be said for me.

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When she’s not blabbing to the gossip mags about EVERY SINGLE LITTLE DETAIL about her pregnancy, reality star Kourtney Kardashian manages to squeeze in a pap shot to satisfy those pregnancy cravings. Kourtney paired a Balenciaga Motorcycle purse with her flowing cream and brown striped top/dress thingy, which she wore over shorts. Now let’s see how many diapers she can fit in that thing.

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Those Kardashian sisters are everywhere, so why shouldn’t they be at the Michael Jackson public memorial too? Apparently the sisters were family friends of Michael Jackson, so it’s only fitting that they donned black ensembles and paid their respects. Of course, a little accessorizing never hurts, hence Kourtney Kardashian’s massive orange and black Fendi “To You” clutch. I hate to pick on someone in mourning, but that color combo is way too witchy for me. A simple black clutch or purse would have been a more appropriate choice for the occasion.

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