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Celebrities favorite Hermes Birkin Bags

Did you know that to claim celebrity status there are several things you must do and several initiation tasks you must complete in order to be credible as A list celeb? One of those tasks is to pass the Hermes gate keeper and bag yourself a Birkin!

We recently did a post on Kyle Richards, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sister to Paris and Nicky Hiton’s mom, the cool aunt loves to party with her nieces. The entire clan is known for their love of Chanel bags. As wealthy as they are, it’s not often that they’re spotted with anything else, even though there’s nothing they can’t afford. 

You can count on seeing any of them with a Chanel bag. Kyle likes to party with a silver Chanel flap bag but she’s often spotted with her Chanel Cerf in beige. When she’s out shopping or running errands with her younger kids, this is the bag you’re likely to spot her with. Lady Gaga has the same bag in black. It’s actually no less glam than a Birkin if you dress the part.


Kyle Richard's Silver Chanel Flap Bag

Kyle Richards is one of the most well-known Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s the sister of Kathy Hilton, making her the first aunt of Nicky And Paris Hilton. She’s younger than her sister and chooses to spend time partying with her nieces instead, when she’s not busy filming for her wildly popular reality series. Her daughter is also close friends (and cousin) to the Hilton siblings. 

Kyle has often been spotted shopping or walking with her Chanel handbags. One of her favorites is the silver Jumbo Flap Bag. This style is very easy to carry over the shoulder and it’s roomy enough to hold your things. Kyle likes to keep her neutral colored bags for casual outings and opts for the metallic one for wild nights out. 

Her style certainly has changed over the years. Here’s a glimpse into the former child star’s dramatic makeover: 

kyle richards dramatic transformation

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