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Proenza Schouler Yellow Python PS11

You would never guess just by looking at her, but Kate Beckinsale’s had a ton of plastic surgery. Whoever she went to is an amazing doctor because the before and after photos are a perfect example of a job well done. It’s clear that the actress is quite a perfectionist when it comes to image because we never see her looking anything less than immaculate.

Here she’s carrying the Proenza Schouler Yellow Python PS112, which she’s spotted out and about with numerous times. The bag really works for her because when it comes to outfits, she likes muted colors. Whites, grays, blacks and a little bit of navy thrown in. By adding the bright pop of color the bag adds, her look has a sudden infusion of youthful energy.

 Proenza Schouler Yellow Python PS112

eva mendes

Eva And Ryan
Eva Mendes recently appeared in the indie flick The Place Beyond The Pines co-starring along Ryan Gosling. The couple met on the set of the movie and have been together since, kinda like a younger Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie coupling minus the Jen Aniston. He gets the Brad Pitt reference because there’s no guy who’s sent as many female hearts-a-fluttering since and Eva can be Angelina in this scenario because of her smoldering good looks.

Both have a penchant for smaller, independent films rather than big blockbusters. However, that hasn’t diminished their fan base any. They seem to have fallen for each other pretty hard, with Eva frequently seen walking the dog Ryan’s had since what seem to be his Notebook Days.  Not only was she seen walking his dog, she was seen doing it while wearing the Matryoshka bag by Carolina Herrera. The bag comes in so many different sizes that it was named after the Russian dolls that contain a series of smaller dolls inside. We’ve seen a leopard print version of the bag on Dianna Agron and Kate Moss. Frankly, that version is more stylish. Scroll to older posts to take a look.

dianna agron

Alice + OliviaWhen we first saw Dianna Agron playing one of the “Cheerios”, aka cheerleaders on Glee, we thought she was just another cookie cutter Britney Spears-esque blonde. Turns out she’s got a lot more going on and her personal style is more indie than homecoming queen. The Daily Mail called her outfit frumpy but that’s probably because they prefer the run of the mill TOWIE and Made in Chelsea fare celebs like Tulisa and Cheryl Cole wear.

What they don’t know is this is more in line with California chic – comfortable and casual. Contrary to popular belief, Angelenos (aka L.A. dwellers) don’t all dress like either hippies or harlots as the series Californication would like you to believe. However, Dianna’s down to earth look is still label conscious because her cute black and white tote is by Alice + Olivia. Other fans of this bag are Goop queen and perpetually platinum blonde Gwyneth Paltrow and former Mrs. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes. This back is also available in reverse colors – more black than white. 

Chloe Sally Bag

Candice Swanepoel exploded onto the Victoria’s Secret scene just a few years ago but she’s such an asset to Pink that we can’t even remember life without her. Her personal style is somewhere between the mature sophistication of Miranda Kerr and the young upbeat style of Cara Delvigne. 

Here she was spotted getting mobbed by fans and paparazzi outside of Los Angeles international airport. She’s holding a beige cream colored Sally bag by Chloe, which has been around for a while now. It still looks brand new because we don’t see it often. So if you want to be spotted wearing a bag which looks hot off the runway but doesn’t come with a freshly minted sky high price, pick one which isn’t on every other fashionista’s arm! 

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