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It’s hard to believe that Lauren Conrad has a song named after her by a Swedish DJ called Adrian Lux, but it’s true. Even though this former party girl is now totally domestic and into designing glassware and home-decorating, her name inspired a hit tune. Actually, that’s not true. Adrian Lux randomly chose her name as a “temporary title” and then it just stuck. That makes more sense, considering how she’s more pastel than electronic. If she were the kind of girl to be in neon, black or daring clothes, it would make more sense. Her style is beautiful, just not the most trendy. Her Balenciaga bag comes from a line of edgy bags, but the color she chose goes with her traditional, classic look. 

Lauren Conrad was spotted arriving at LAX International Airport Wednesday (January 12).
Lauren looked to have her hands full as she chatted on the phone. She is carrying a Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Bag, Balenciaga Weekender Bag in Black and wearing J. Crew Aigle Dressage boots.

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The Hills star, Lauren Conrad, was spotted with a Goyard Carry-On Duffle on her way to catching a flight at the Los Angeles International Airport last week.

The Goyard Carry-On Duffle. This lovely piece features the designer’s signature print in black and red. It looks to be the perfect size for holding all the essentials, without the bulk of a carry-on suitcase. Plus it could easily double as an overnight bag!

Just because she’s no longer on “The Hills” doesn’t mean Lauren Conrad isn’t a busy gal. She’s got her Kohl’s collection, and word on the street is that her book has been optioned for a movie (um, yay?). The starlet looked groovy on the go with her black top, orange skirt, and brown leather Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Remy handbag, a cute everyday alternative to her perennial Chanel.




Lauren Conrad showed off her sporty side recently, but that didn’t stop her from displaying yet another chic designer purse. This honey brown leather handbag is a nice, lighter choice for spring and summer, and marks a refreshing change of pace from Lauren’s Chanel 2.55 and Caviar standbys. So who’s the designer? Guesses below.


Why so glum, chum? Lauren Conrad should be smiling – the white Balenciaga Motorcycle purse she’s toting (much more Nicole Richie’s speed than our usual Chanel fanatic’s) looks lovely. Unfortunately, I’m not totally feeling the ill-fitting beige dress Lauren’s paired with it. The color just washes her out, and there’s some distracting pleats and bunching going on. But hey, at least she’s got the handbag part mastered.


Okay, guys and gals. Time to prove your handbag knowledge. Can you name the three designer purses seen in this photo of a very glammed-up Stephanie Pratt, Lo Bosworth, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Partridge, and Whitney Port (not shown)? I think “The Hills” ladies look fabulous, the handbags are to die for, and there’s no Heidi and Spencer in sight – what more could I ask for?

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