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Leann was recently spotted at the airport with a Diane Von Furstenberg Stephanie Woven Hobo.
Based on the outfit and the time of year, it looks like LeAnn was either coming from or headed to someplace warm and tropical, and for that kind of jaunt,
a golden woven hobo is the perfect bag choice. It’s casual and location-appropriate, but it is also easy to carry and big enough to hold your travel essentials.

lLeAnn Rimes Out with Her White Goyard Tote

LeAnn Rimes must have some sort of inside track at Goyard. First she showed off her pink Goyard St. Louis purse, and now she’s gone and brought out this fetching white version. The boxy shape has a briefcase vibe but is still casual enough for daytime errands, and the white complements LeAnn’s top. And let’s face it — it’s more sophisticated than that baby doll pink.


Well, I don’t like to kick someone when they’re down, but: LeAnn, SWEATS? With a perfectly adorable Balenciaga? Really? No, really? The recently separated crooner certainly dressed the part of a lovelorn lady, pairing her petite Balenciaga bag with sloppy sweats and flip-flops. All that’s missing is the pint of ice cream. Love the purse, but the outfit ruins it all.

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