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This set of Olivia Wilde photos slipped past us earlier this year. Taken while the actress was still expecting, it shows how great Olivia is at pregnancy style. Even though her baby bump has grown quite big, she still looks fit and petite from the front. It’s only from the side that you can see any hint of a curve. And even though her outfit and clothes are immaculate, somehow she still looks down to earth and comfortable. She really stands out because of the quality of her clothing and the designer cut and fits of the jacket, pants and boots. Her Gucci fringe bag is a throwback to the 70’s, which is interesting because Olivia says that is her favorite fashion era!

elle fanning Miu Miu Madras Leather Shoulder Bag
Ever since Elle Fanning started showing up in films as a child star, it’s been pretty obvious that she’d be going places. If you can recall her big sis Dakota Fanning, Dakota was one of the most celebrated child stars of all time. Back when she was in a new movie every few months, all people talked about how much talent she was hoarding in that pint-sized body of hers. Now she’s hiding away somewhere, counting her millions while little sis Elle is showing up in all the hotly anticipated films. And it was Elle, not Dakota, who won a leading role in a Sophia Coppola film, which is always a one-way ticket to becoming one of the fashion world’s It girls. There’s no doubt that’s what Elle is now, one of the main highlights of Miu Miu’s 2014 show.

Rebecca Minkoff Elle Studded Leather Satchel Bag in White
Olivia Palermo attended the Rebecca Minkoff holding the Elle Studded Leather Satchel Bag. If you were under the impression that a black and white look is boring or safe, think again. Olivia demonstrates how to do it with pizazz. She kept her entire look monochromatic but mixed it up with different prints. Her houndstooth blouse is very trendy and symmetrical while the print on her skirt is wild and unruly. Just goes to show how mixing prints can pay off. The bag looks like it’s black and white in photos, but in reality it’s all white with an array of silver metallic studs. It’s a standout star among a sea of unembellished bags. 

Miranda Kerr Valentino
Miranda Kerr’s split from Orlando Bloom certainly hasn’t kept the model from looking her usual best so it’s no surprise the polar vortex hasn’t phased her either. While the rest of New York is bundled up and still shivering, Miranda is traipsing around town dressed like it’s toasty fall weather. No hat, no gloves, no problem!

Maybe her excitement over the new Valentino Lock Shoulder bag is keeping her too buzzed to feel the chill. Who are we kidding, she has too many hot designer bags to go gaga over one. This one is very similar to the Valentino Rockstar Tote but it has just one row of the trademark Valentino rockstar studs. It’s a little more somber because of that but even with minimal studs, this black leather number is still very much rock and roll. Would you buy in? 

Gisele Bundchen
When Gisele Bundchen married Tom Brady, everyone knew they would make beautiful babies as they are both two of the world’s most beautiful people. Even after having had several children, it’s amazing how flawless Gisele looks. Not only are her iconic long legs are slender as ever, her enviable voluminous hair is a thing of wonder. That’s the kind of hair women take a photo of to the hair salon and say, “That. I want THAT.”

It’s too bad her entire look is so hard to copy. That’s why she’s the world’s highest earning model even in semi-retirement. And even though she looks casually dressed, that’s a luxury designer bag on her her. The Givenchy Lucrezia, which is very similar to the Givenchy Nightingale. It’s a little more casual because of the almost bowling bag asymmetrical shape but it’s still stunning. Just like her.

When celebrities have been in the clutches of fame for too long, they stop trying to look good all the time. They reserve that level of effort for red carpet events and front cover photo shoots. But when they’re trying to boost their level of fame and success, they make sure to look good 24/7. When you’re a model trying to break into Hollywood, the pressure is extremely intense. You can’t just look pretty, you have to look like the prettiest girl in the world. That could be why English model Rosie Huntington Whiteley has such impeccable style whenever she’s spotted out in public. 

She was most recently seen hopping into LAX carrying this Givenchy Antigona bag. This has been quite an It bag for a lot of celebs. Nicole Ritchie has one she loves as does Ashley Tisdale. This one is very chic and subtle in an olive green color. Rosie seems proud of her beautiful bag by the way she displays it in the crook of her arm. Even though the rest of her outfit is pretty casual, she looks like an A lister because of her perfectly coiffed hair and makeup.  

Kim Kardashian
Sigh, it’s actually painful to see Kim Kardashian roam around looking like a formerly wealthy hobo. The camel trench coat isn’t doing her any favors and the only thing that makes up for the rest of her outfit is her leather Balenciaga bag. Ever since the reality star started dating Kanye West, she’s completely given up her own personal style in favor of whatever the rapper-turned-designer puts her in. It all started with an episode of her show in which he threw out the entire contents of her closet in order to restyle her. 

Now she’s no longer known for her dark, luscious locks, exotic makeup looks or blingy dresses. Now she’s often seen wearing head to toe all one color and her hair is stringy and limp as a result of a bad dye job. We miss the Kim Kardashian of olden days. To make matters worse, a Paris Fashion Week insider is claiming Kanye’s new range left viewers unimpressed and the famous couple are laughed at wherever they go. To make it EVEN worse, there are rumors that Kim’s show is about to be canceled for lack of viewers. 


If  contemporary fashion trends a la Kardashian aren’t your style, follow one of this generation’s rock icons instead. We don’t see very many Dolce & Gabbana bags being showcased in street style but Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine makes a good case of how it’s done. She pieced together a look comprising of a flowing, floral print dress, retro chunky heels in maroon and this snakeskin Dolce bag. It’s called the Miss Sicily bag (Dolce is an Italian brand and Sicily is a beautiful city in the gorgeous country) and it’s python print. Couldn’t get more rock n roll if it tried.


Michelle Tratchenberg looks like a sprightly 21 year old girl. Truth is, she’s youthful but has been around for a while. A teen star in flop films like Inspector Gadget, she is most well known for playing the younger sister in the cult favorite Buffy series and as the “one of the guys” girl friend in Eurotrip. 

These days Michelle has just wrapped with Gossip Girl shooting and we’ve become accustomed to seeing her out and about on the town (NYC) dressed similar to her GG character, mean girl Georgina. When Georgina first showed up on the series, it was utterly delicious to see her in dark colors and luxe looking leather skinny jeans while the other characters were either dressing like over the top schoolgirls or as sparkly party princesses. 

Here she carries a maroon leather bag by Tory Burch. Tory Burch is a known designer whose fame has skyrocketed in recent years because of her riche looking logo, well contrasting color combinations, interesting store bags and decor. Every girl wants a pair of Tory Burch sandals or TB handbag just to have a pop of color with a cute logo to wear. The funny thing is, Tory has also made a cameo appearance as herself on the TV series Michelle appears on (Gossip Girl) during an episode revolving around New York Fashion Week.

This burgundy leather bag is the kind that can add that color to a dark outfit and keep it from looking too “gothic.” The top handles also make it convenient to carry when you don’t want to shoulder strap it. While Michelle still dresses more like her TV character, we’re happy to hear her real life persona is a lot more amiable!

Olivia Wilde is one of those celebrities who stay down to earth no matter how much fame and riches they accumulate. The serious stunner has wowed us on her red carpet arrivals many a times. Her style statements are usually sleek, minimal chic with elements of glamour here and there. The girl chooses to flash a sliver of skin here and there instead of putting all her assets on display and it works well for her and sets her apart as one class act.

No matter how drop dead gorgeous she becomes with her soft waves and striking signature red lipstick during Hollywood galas, she’s still a natural California girl when she’s not attending a PR event. Here she carries one of her favorite shoulder bags – a leather saddlebag from the Ralph Lauren Collection. The subtle handbag is not too flashy and yet chic enough for the celeb, who’s been seen toting it around town on numerous occasions and with several different outfit styles.


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