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Gisele With Balenciaga Tube Shoulder Bag
If it’s one thing Gisele Bundchen never fails at, it’s inspiring the envy of every woman who looks at her photos. Even though you can hardly see an inch of skin, the uber model’s slender figure is awe-inspiring. It helps to have incredibly long legs, but genetics can only get you so far. She’s outspoken about working very hard to stay fit – eating clean and hitting the gym, plain and simple. When it comes to style, her signature look is simple too. She’s never seen without her hair looking like the stuff of legend – beautiful, natural streaks and voluminous waves. Her clothes are never fussy because she can make a pair of jeans and a tartan blouse look amazing. Her bag is understated too but it’s still so hot! All it takes is a well-structured leather design for a shoulder bag to look like something very expensive. And we all know how Balenciaga specializes in racy leather looks. 

Vegan Beyonce
There are two kinds of people in the world – those who think Queen Bey can do no wrong and well…those who aren’t very into celebrity worship. Beyonce likes to go by the name Mrs. Carter on her pop diva tour, as a nod to hubby Jay-Z. Jay recently announced he’s trying to go vegan for a few weeks, so naturally B will be joining in on his endeavor. The music duo stopped by a hip L.A. vegan eatery this week but there’s just one hitch. Beyonce went wearing leather, fur and even a cow print leather jacket. For those out of the loop, besides being healthy, vegan living is supposed to be an alternative lifestyle that is merciful to animals. Nothing in your life can come from an animal product and that includes animal fur and hide. Oops. Better luck next time. 

Rosie Huntington
If you inhabit the planet we call Earth, chances are you’ve seen pictures or video clips of the sensational Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. The winter runway spectacle is more like  parade and a theatrical show than a runway fashion show but no one’s complaining. Two beauties that were missing from the mega event were Miranda Kerr, who was famously dropped as an Angel this year and Rosie Huntington Whitely, who seems to be working on making her own mark in Hollywood. 

Rosie is known for her fab street style, even when she’s going to the gym. Although she’s dressed casually, she still looks like a million bucks because of her model looks and her luxurious leather Givenchy Antigona bag. The sleek tote is very similar to a line of recent Prada bags but this version is famous in its own right because its loved by Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr and Nicole Richi.  

Most fashionistas who love them some Gucci, Louis and Fendi have a tendency to scoff at the sight of a Coach bag. There are two reasons for the Coach hate among those who love the finer things. They’re more affordable and thus more often seen being carried by people who lack fashion sense and thus knock the image of the brand. They have looked outdated for a while because of the heavily monogrammed look that went out of style back in the early 2000’s. 

The fact that SJP (a fashion legend) has been spotted with a Coach means the brand is headed for a turn around. Like we predicted months ago, a lot of brands are now favoring a “less is more approach.” It started with the dramatic YSL makeover. Wealthy people don’t want to flaunt their wealth to the general public in this recession but they still want to buy luxury products that are easily recognizable by other wealthy people. That’s why the trend for bags that clearly look like they’re made of luxury leather but lack logos are so in right now. They’re like covert status symbols. This is the Borough Bag and will be in the market within a few months.


It’s strange to see Kate Moss not only smiling but carrying a tote as colorful as this one. Could the rebellious model have found true inner peace? With the right outfit and accessories, it seems you really can reach zen.

The outfit is actually genius. A gray dress that is loosely fitted to enjoy the summer breeze and stiletto booties fit for a model create an edgy look. The Balenciaga Python A4 Tote bag adds all the color the look needs, making it seasonally appropriate.


Celine Croc Mini Luggage Bag

Either Kate Upton’s raking in a lot of dough for a newcomer model or she has a secret admirer who shelled out $30,000 to present her with a Celine Croc Mini Luggage Bag. The plain version of the bag is also expensive but the croc leather will set you back a pretty penny – enough to buy a luxury car!

But when you’re a model, petty things like housing and transportation are taken care of so you can worry only about having to afford the fun stuff. Then again, when you’re a model you get luxury clothing and accessories sent to you for free by designers hoping you’ll be seen wearing it. This small town girl seems to have joined the ranks of those fashion glamazons because on this occassion, she was spotted with the Celine AND the Chanel Cerf tote…which she was practically using like a garbage bag on the floor.



Miley Cyrus With A Versace Tote

Oh Miley, finally you’re wearing something other than a crop top and high waisted shorts. This former Disney Queen made herself a household name early after her hit TV show Hannah Montana took off. She then became involved in various controversies to which she replied “I can’t be tamed” in song. We do not like her usual style at all! Its like the girl has hundreds of millions but no personal stylist!

In the picture above Miley Cyrus is carrying a Versace signature tote with a black and white outfit. The tote is very simple, elegant, and clean cut. It goes great with her edgy look and keeps it classy. This Versace tote retails for about $2,500. We think that even though Miley rarely hits the right notes with her fashion sense, you should follow her lead on this one. Color blocking, whether with black and white or bright colors is definitely the way to go with a plain bag as the Versace signature tote.

Megan Fox and Her Givenchy Lucrezia bag

Megan Fox, named the Hottest Woman in the World by too many magazines to list, is one of the most fashionable celebrities in Hollywood. Her movies, “Jennifer’s Body”, “Transformers”, and “This is 40”, were huge blockbusters. If not for the screenwriting and acting, just because we all love to look at her. Pictured above is the foxy Fox at LAX airport wearing a simple ensemble, carrying a Givenchy Lucrezia Bag.

We’ve seen the bag with other celebrities like Charlize Theron in different colors. Fox is holding a black on black Lucrezia bag. The bag itself is made out of linen, but the bottom is lined with leather, and there are other leather accents. The size and durability make it perfect for any occasion, including traveling. Pair your Givenchy Lucrezia tote with a simple outfit, and killer heels.

Kate Upton and Her Celine

Now that you’re done staring at how gorgeous Kate Upton is, we can talk about her style and her bags. Kate Upton is always spotted with the best bags, that are usually very hard to get a hold of, like her Croc bag. This Victoria’s Secret, Sport’s Illustrated model always wears the most high end, off the runway clothes. In the picture above, she is wearing Christian Louboutins, a thick coat, and a form fitting dress underneath. Upton never fails to turn every head in the room with her clothing and amazing smile!

The bag that Celine is wearing is the famous Celine bag, in a smaller size. It runs for about $2,900 to $3,900, depending on the size and material. The bag has a very simple, yet elegant design. This particular bag comes in a large variety of neutral colors to choose from. The size of this particular Celine bag makes it great for a cute, flirty, and girly look. Pair it with a dress like Kate Upton has, high, sexy heels and a blowout. Nobody will be able to take their eyes off of you!

Givenchy Brown Antigona Bag

It’s no wonder why we absolutely adore Blake Lively. We’ve been following her every move from her breakout role in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, to Gossip Girl, to The Town, and to the more recent, Savages. Blake Lively is talented, gorgeous and intelligent– a triple threat! Another thing we love about Blake Lively is her style. She always looks well put together and plays up her assets, aka, legs that run for miles. This particular look is relaxed, yet elegant. And the Givenchy Brown Antigona bag pulls it all together.

The gorgeous bag you see in Lively’s hand is the Givenchy Brown Antigona, made of cow leather. It retails for about $2400. The handles are a darker shade of brown and look great with the leather. We’ve seen Lively with this bag numerous times, which is probably why the leather on her bag appears softened. The bag’s size and shape makes it perfect for running errands, going to work, and stuffing with essentials. As you can see, it is a versatile bag because it also comes with a long shoulder strap. This bag is perfect for an every day look. Pair it with nude tones like Blake Lively and you’ll look a star too.

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