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Celine Yellow Phantom Bag

Khloe is the Kardashian we follow most often. Though Kim is more famous and Kourtney and Kris also have an intense passion for designer bags, Khloe is the one who stays the most up to date. She carries trendier pieces from time to time while the others stick to black totes – mostly Chanel and Birkins. 

Here, Khloe is carrying the Celine Yellow Lemon Phantom Bag from the Summer 2013 collection. It’s unbelievable that it’s so close to summer holidays already. Khloe seems to have a good grip on the season’s style. A flowey print dress, quirky hair and gladiator style strappy heels. Whether the heels are fresh again or its still too soon to bring back this trend is up to you, but its safe to say the brightly colored bag is a nice touch. 

yellow Celine Tricolor Mini Luggage bag

Hilary Duff was just spotted out in Los Angeles with this Tricolor Mini Luggage Bag by Celine. The front is a lemony yellow color and its accents are black and white. She played up these colors by dressing down in black yoga pants, black and white sneakers and a black and white varsity jacket.

The bag is so sought after that its only available in high end boutiques or Celine stores only in select parts of America. Most Americans would have to travel pretty far just to see this bag and Hilary and such celebs carry it to the gym and the grocery store. Ahhh, such is the life of moneyed honeys. 

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