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Khloe Kardashian Celine Boston Bag
The Kardashians are no longer one big happy family. Kim is doing her own diva thing being Mrs. Kanye West. Kris and Bruce have split up. Kendall and Kylie have their own lives now and they’re no longer glued to each other like twins. Kendall has her New York and London fashion week thing going on. Kourtney is nowhere to be seen. That leaves Khloe, who seems to be busy tweeting cryptic messages about her divorce with Lamar Odom. What’s a girl to do when you’ve got no one to shoot your His and Hers reality show with? Step out wearing new clothes, that’s what. 

Khloe has lost a lot of weight the last couple of years but that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop wearing slimming black. All black is a good look for her, especially the tall black leather boots. Leather looks really great on people who have the confidence to pull it off, and that is something Khloe has a lot of. It’s just too bad she’s not as adventurous with her handbag choices because all we ever see her in is Celine. 

Lana del Rey gets a Mulberry Bag Named After Her

 If you were entranced by Lana del Rey’s viral Youtub hit Video Games (it has nearly 35 million views by now), chances are you’ll love the latest Lana-inspired Mulberry bag. The instant pop star’s old Hollywood mystique meets ultra-modern glam is what caused Mulberry’s creative director to take notice of the young beauty and use it to create a fashion accessory. Creative director Emma Hills says of the step, “Her look is retrospective, yet so modern; which inspired us to create a bag that was timeless, refined, and elegant.”

The bag is part of the brand’s Autumn Winter 2012 collection and was showcased this year at London Fashion Week, where Lana sat front row clutching her namesake bag with a big grin. Of the assortment of dark, intense colors the bag comes in (black, burgundy, navy, etc), Lana was seen clutching the White Ostrich box-shaped del Rey.

In spite of her disastrous SNL performance and the hipster blogs that hate the singer for creating a manufactured image they feel is targeted towards them, Lana’s album is a smash hit. Not only does her dreamy, soothing music have a large following, her fashion sense has also skyrocketed her to fame. If her Youtube account is any sign of Lana’s ability to sway people in her favor, you’ll be spotting many more fashionistas sporting the del Rey coming this May.


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