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Miranda Kerr

 This weekend, Miranda Kerr opened the show for Stella McCartney during Paris Fashion Week. The model was the face of the designer’s spring/summer 14 collection. To get even more involved, Miranda carried a structured bag from the the autumn winter 13 collection outside of the show as well. No doubt the bag was a gift from Stella, who also happens to be the daughter of Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

Stella is famous for her modern English style. Structured outfits, solid colors, no fuss and very sophisticated glamour. She is also an animal rights advocate and the bag is made of faux leather. That may be why it looks so sturdy and not at all soft.

Miranda Kerr


Cara Fendi Be Baguette Bag
For the last few weeks, various fashion weeks have been taking place around the world. Whenever this time of year comes around, you can be sure to see models, actors and anyone who’s anyone in the fashion biz dressed to the 9’s. Even Cara Delvigne, who dresses somewhat sloppily on her downtime (overalls, tanks and tennis shoes) made the effort to look like a lady. She looked downright glam with this Fendi Be Baguette. 

The original Fendi Baguette was made popular by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie on Sex And The City in the late 90’s and early 00’s. The original version was smaller and slimmer as well. The updated version is more in sync with current trends. The solid, symmetrical shape and bold color are just right for 2013.  

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus was recently seen out and about in London. The young starlet is eager to show off her new look and her entirely redesigned persona to go with it. Her new style is very hip hop, glamorous and young money. Her casual duds were offset by her Celine Gold Box Bag, a revamped version of the Silver Chrome bag from the Winter 2012 collection. Winter is all about silver and summer was made for gold, so the bag is a perfect accessory. Her Gold Chrome Sunglasses were set to match.

Miley Cyrus

 Vivienne Westwood Classic Orb shoulder bag

Mischa seems to have completely moved on from Hollywood, choosing instead to set up home in her native London. The ex-starlet seemed completely dazed, confused and miserable in L.A. but seems much happier in the UK so good for her.

Her style has vastly improved as well. For the time she remained in California, she was beginning to look more and more disheveled. After joining the fashion world across the Atlantic, she’s an entirely new person. Here she shows off her Vivienne Westwood shoulder bag in three equally awesome ways. Her look is perfection – everything except the awkward Olsen-esque pouty grimace.

Vivienne Westwood Classic Orb shoulder bag2


Tamara Ecclestone’s been having an incredibly busy summer. For a while, she seemed so lost after breaking up with her scam artist boyfriend while her sister was busy redecorating her $100 million dollar home in Beverly Hills. Soon, Petra won’t be the only Ecclestone homemaker because Tamara’s gone and tied the knot. Her incredibly over the top ceremony matched her billioneiress personality.

A girl with a thousand luxury handbags wouldn’t settle for anything less than loud. It’s only been a few days since the nuptials but she’s out and about already with her Glacier Blue Celine Phantom tote. Her luxury handbag and bracelets are so expensive that she has a small army of guards following her every move in order to keep her safe.


Binky Felstead, one of the rich kids from the famed UK reality series Made in Chelsea was spotted boosting her fame status on a red carpet recently. She chose an orange Hermes Birkin to garner paparazzi attention at the event. This handbag style hasn’t gone out of style in decades. While every now and then, its popularity receives a boost, it has never gone “out” of style.

It’s available in so many colors but for some reason, the orange Birkin is like a starter bag for fashionistas trying to get their hands on this trend. Either it’s more affordable or more easily available – there’s got to be a reason why this color is often a girl’s first Birkin instead of the more classic black. It’s possibly the waiting list for this one is shorter. That’s right – the Birkins have a notorious waiting list. After all, actually securing one is just as status-altering as a membership in an exclusive club. 


Celine Bag
A celebrity in the UK, Alex Gerrard knows the importance of keeping up appearances. Her marriage to Steven Gerrard has lasted eons by normal WAG standards. The successful and ridiculously good-looking couple often make public appearances together but the real rockstar is her football champion hubby. 

Alex is carrying the Celine Luggage Tote, a wildly popular bag from the Celine collection. Nearly every celebrity has been spotted wiht this bag. It’s become a fashion staple, something you simply cannot do without. Not having this bag is like admitting you either don’t keep up with trends or don’t care about them. While there’s nothing wrong with being a rebel, it’s also really fun to flaunt you style savvy and ability to stay on point with the changing fashion landscape. 

Celebrity Bag Styles 

kate moss duffle bag

Kate Moss was spotted with the new Saint Laurent 24 Duffle bag while out on a stroll with her husband (cute to see how close those two are!) Sometimes boho chic, sometimes upstreet, lately Kate can’t get enough of the latest designer bags. She’s sometimes spotted with them while they’re so hot off the runway that they aren’t even in stores yet, like in case of the Mulberry. If the world wasn’t envious enough of her riches, women all over must be drooling over her sway on design houses, who give her all their latest goods in the hopes of seeing her carrying them in public. 

Hedi Slimane is the new Creative Director for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house as of 2010. The first thing he did to announce his new job title was to remove the iconic “yves” in Yves Saint Laurent handbags and people were not happy. The Chyc bags are going to keep being sold with the logo but the other ones are missing the YSL gold. While flaunting the brand all over the bag isn’t appealing to everyone, there’s no harm in a little visible logo. This is one of his newest bags without the pretty YSL. The picture below is a reminder of what you’re missing. If you can, stock up on logo-ed bags while you can, before they run out forever. Without the old logo, there’s not much to tell this bag apart from a Mulberry or Prada tote.

Kate Moss is so revered in the world of fashion that nothing ever manages to bring her down – an outlaw ex, a massive cocaine scandal, age, wrinkles, not even belly flab, and we all know how the high priestesses of fashion look down on any flaws. Kate, however, is untouchable. She’s doing as well as ever and she’s become the first celeb to be seen toting this Mulberry bag, which isn’t even on the market yet. 

Less than 24 hours after the bag made it’s debut in London for Mulberry’s Spring 2013 show, Kate was spotted out and about with it on her arm. Us mere mortals haven’t even fully sorted our fall 2012 wardrobes yet. It’s called the Willow tote and the look is of crocodile leather. Hmm, fancy. You guys like? 

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