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Hilary Duff

 Hilary Duff has the best life, as we’ve reiterated many times before. Her billionaire husband has allowed her to retire – freeing her up for shopping, traveling, sunbathing and enjoying time with her infant son. The former Disney star was on air as an 8th grader and now has it all while many girls her age have just graduated from college and are still jobless. 

Her handbag collection has literally every single luxury brand ever made. Her Celine bag collection includes this gray luggage tote. The quirky look of the bag has the comical look of  a cartoon ghost but this isn’t the Celine Phantom – it’s actually the Celine Luggage tote. Which makes perfect sense, because it appears she toted it on her way aboard a luxury private jet. Ah, the life of the rich and famous.

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