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Jennifer Love Hewitt,   Christian Louboutin Spike Studded Shopper… What was she thinking?

Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted in Beverly Hills wearing a Color-block silk crepe de Chine dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs with Christian Louboutin purple strappy heels and carrying a Christian Louboutin Spike Studded Shopper.

Looks like someone lost her clown car 🙂

Photo via Pacific Coast News

Selma Blair keeps it casual in NYC with Marc JacobsSelma Blair is all grown up and looking fabulous carrying a gorgeous Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Hobo. Selma has a history of choosing interesting or fun projects and has a line of high-fashion belts hilariously named Elegantly Waisted.

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo at the Beach with matching Louis Vuitton towels and ...

The two were spotted on the beach in St. Barts with matching Louis Vuitton towels and fabulous beach tots. Marc is seen carrying a Hermes Birkin and Lorenzo with what seems to be the Louis Vuitton ‘Duderanch’ Monogram Jokes Tote.

Marc Jacobs doesn’t carry Marc Jacobs – he carries Hermes

You gotta love Marc Jacobs and not just his fabulous clothing and accessories lines… love the man himself. He’s so thoroughly flamboyant and ridiculous and himself that I’m not sure how anyone could not love the man, or at least be amused by him.

Marc’s been seen all over this season carrying big Birkins. We’ve seen men wear big Birkins before, but not with Marc’s style; his style is masculine enough (which is quite a feat, what with the skirt and all) that he makes it look tough and manly.

Katherine Heigl with The Memphis Python tote from Marc Jacobs

The new mom is on the go! Katherine Heigl is now busier than ever and now cannot be disliked since she has now adopted a little girl and her whole persona is now in the mend. However, her handbag spending is still on the rise but she doesn’t need to worry about that considering how much she is making now per film and enough to spend $4200 on the The Memphis Python tote from Marc Jacobs. Well, clearly, this bag better be an investment for that amount, wouldn’t you agree?

Lady GaGa to get fashion award from Marc jacobs

2009 is definitely her year!

The fabulous and always fashion-forward Lady GaGa will receive the Stylemaker Award on Monday night at the 13th annual Accessories Council Excellence Awards.

The award will be given to her by designer and friend Marc Jacobs who we all know brought back his previously canceled Fashion Week after-party just for the Lady!

Congrats! You deserve it!

Lady Gaga Marc Jacobs,   YSL

I’m a complete and total fangirl when it comes to Lady Gaga. I think that she does no wrong, musically or fashionably, and I queen out so hard whenever one of her songs come up on my iTunes shuffle or when I see her on TV. I fully intend to buy tickets and go see her the next time she plays in Atlanta. I’m pretty close to worshiping her.

And one of the reasons that I love her so much is because she totally and completely embraces the ridiculousness of high fashion – not that many other people would dare to wear the utterly fabulous Marc Jacobs Neon Poncho – straight out of his Fall/Winter 2009 runway show – to the AIRPORT? There are only so many people on Earth that are that fierce. And to top it off, she’s again carrying (or her bodyguard is carrying) her Yves Saint Laurent Studded Easy Tote that we spotted her with not long ago. I’m actually a bit surprised – it’s not often that Lady Gaga repeats a bag! But when a bag is that fabulous, repeating it certainly isn’t bad.

Just because she’s no longer on “The Hills” doesn’t mean Lauren Conrad isn’t a busy gal. She’s got her Kohl’s collection, and word on the street is that her book has been optioned for a movie (um, yay?). The starlet looked groovy on the go with her black top, orange skirt, and brown leather Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Remy handbag, a cute everyday alternative to her perennial Chanel.



I love a good chick flick, which is why I can’t wait to see the star-studded rom-com “Valentine’s Day.” Until then, I’ll have to make do with these shots from the set. Star Jennifer Garner’s red cardigan and navy skirt may be a bit Minnie Mouse for me, but I love her Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo. I wonder…is it hers, or part of her on-screen wardrobe? Either way, it’s a winner!



Jetting across the country to promote her new film “The Ugly Truth” seems to have dampened Katherine Heigl’s personality (is it just me or is she giving us the cold hard stare of death?), but it hasn’t hurt her fashion sense any. I’m smitten with her bold yellow Marc Jacobs Robert Lexie purse, which didn’t seem to get much play with the celebrity set before (Selma Blair excepted). It’s not the most versatile handbag, but that vibrant yellow is a great choice for summer, methinks.

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